Explore Jag Mandir Through Deccan Odyssey

Explore Jag Mandir Through Deccan Odyssey

India’s the most rated and luxurious train, the Deccan Odyssey is the best choice to explore touristic wonders of Maharashtra. It covers the Deccan region’s famous destinations which exhibits India’s heritage, history, culture, architectural attractions, etc a lot. Now let’s explore the Jag Mandir Palace in Udaipur through Deccan Odyssey.

To reach Udaipur through Deccan Odyssey, there are two itinerary packages. And they are Indian Odyssey and Indian Sojourn. It’s time to know about Jag Mandir before you go.

Jag Mandir:

Jag Mandir is an island palace amid beautiful Lake Pichola in Udaipur. This imperial palace amid Pichola lake looks very attractive in the white aura with stunning architectural glory. The most attractive part of the Palace is its marble usage. From a distance, the Palace looks like a marble wonder in the center of the lake.

Brief History:

The Palace was named as the Jagat Mandir after the Maharana Jagat Singh as an honor to him. The effort of three Rajput rulers is the reason behind of the construction of Jag Mandir. The foundation stone was laid by the Maharana Amar Singh in 1551 and it was continued by Maharana Karan Singh in between 1620 to 1628. Finally, it was completed by Maharana Jagat Singh Iin the year 1652. The three Rajput rulers are the contributors of the Palace.

Attractions of Jag Mandir:

The architectural styles of Jag Mandir mesmerizes everyone with its stunning grandeur architecture. Jag Mandir Palace architectural styles are the perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal styles with marble work, intricate designs, carved statues and domes etc. But the major attractions of the Palace means Gul Mahal, Museum, and entry pavilion.

Gul Mahal: Gul Mahal is the most prominent attraction of whole Jag Mandir Palace. This Mahal was constructed during the rule of Maharana Amar Singh in the year 1551. The Mahal was built with yellow sandstone and it grabs everyone attention with its dome structure at the top of the Mahal.

The Mahal comprises three circular dome chambers with the same entry point. The main entrance of the palace was decorated with precious stones like rubies, onyx, jasper, jade, and cornelian in the designs and also you will meet with two twin marble chhatris. The total outside of the Mahal was beautifully circulated with exquisite paintings and murals on the black and white marbles is a great attraction.

However, Gul Mahal is an architectural marvel of the Jag Mandir Palace. Later the Palace was extended by the other two Rajput rulers by adding halls, residential suites, courts, and other palaces etc. Among them, “Zenana” Palace for royal women is another architect marvel. And a little museum attracts historians.

Entry Pavilion: Entry Pavilion of the Jag Mandir is also a great attraction. The entry point of the Palace flocked with the dome structures in white aura, the elephant structures welcoming, and everything will attract. And other attractions of the Palace means Bara Patharon ka Mahal, Darikhana, etc.

Everything in Jag Mandir Palace attracts visitor’s heart with beautiful architectural attractions and greenery around the Palace. Jag Mandir is a worth visit island in Lake Pichola.

How to reach:

You can reach the Jag Mandir Palace from Bansi Ghat through the jetty facility.

After your site tour in Jag Mandir Palace and sightseeing of Udaipur. Know more about the Deccan Odyssey train route and then get back to the Deccan Odyssey to embark next destination.