Georgia Attractions and Activities: Things You Should Not Miss

Georgia Attractions and Activities: Things You Should Not Miss

Tourism, without any doubt, is one of the largest industries that matter to any country. Same is the case with Georgia. Georgia, lying in between Europe and Asia is home to high mountain villages and, of course, Black sea beaches.

This beautiful nation is known for its incredible architectural establishments, high-end market and yes, cobblestone streets. The list is quite long…

If you want to enjoy your vacation very much or hold a wish to celebrate your special occasion differently this time, you should give Georgia a try.

Your visit to Georgia will be considered incomplete if you miss having a taste of these attractions and activities.

Savannah River Street:

It’s a historic place with 200 years old cobblestones that runs at the sideways along the length of Savannah River.

Savannah River Street

At this, you will witness the more than 70 shops and restaurants that serve delicious and mouth-watering food which is famous in their area. Don’t forget to capture the beautiful leisurely stroll along the river at your Georgia Tours.

Centennial Olympic Park:

Centennial Olympic Park is a beautiful and one of the most popular go-to places for tourists and locals. You will witness the rich culture, sea giants, and World of Coca-cola, Georgia Aquarium, and many other alluring places. There will be fountain rings with the music and colorful lights that glow as water soars and dances.

Georgia Guidestones:

A mysterious mountain sometimes also called American Stonehenge is granite monument put-up in Elbert County in Georgia. The granite is engraved in eight different languages each of which showcasing the ten new commandants of an Age of Reason.

The monument contains no specific message. Therefore its origin is still a mystery to unlock. However, it’s beautiful and has certain astronomical features.  Hear the tales of Southern ghosts while walking along the lantern-lit paths and witness the athletic games and many other things all at once.

Stone Mountain Park:

Stone Mountain Park

Want to witness the natural wonders, visit Stone Mountain Parka and witness beauty. Since it features the largest mass of granite in the world, it is one of the most popular and enduring landmarks of Atlanta.  Here you will enjoy sky-rides, Swiss cable car that will drop you at the top of the mountain and, Confederate Hall Historical and Environmental Education Center.

Roosevelt’s Little White House:

Experience the history of the Little White House. The personal retreat of the 32nd president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, It’s a beautiful place to witness. The white beauty hosts six-room colonial Revival structure which is made of Georgia pine.

Ray Charles Plaza:

Ray Charles Plaza is a beautiful structure of Ray sitting at his piano. It’s lovely and lights up in the night. You will hear the glowing place along with Ray’s music playing at the plaza. The sitting area of the plaza is shaped like piano keys and musical notes. The beautiful Flint River in the background with the plaque displayed at the front of the statue is a treat to watch.

Augusta Canal:

Augusta Canal Georgia

Whether you want to hike, bike, and paddle or want to float, the Augusta Canal has it all. With the rich history, scenic beauty and charming tapestry, it’s a place you would fall in love with. The paranormal beauty, urban landscape offering you the plenty of options to enjoy, Augusta Canal will deliver an amazing outdoor experience.

The attractions mentioned above in Georgia are just to name a few. This nation has many attractions to visit that excite the age group of all, ask your adventure travel agency to help you explore them.

Ranging from scenic beauty to warm climate and exciting activities to favorite cuisine, you’d love everything here. After all, this fantastic place has something for everything.