Get Quick Home Inspection – Tricks for Homeowners

Get Quick Home Inspection – Tricks for Homeowners

As per the local government laws, it is essential to get the home inspection done before selling your house. The home inspection ensures the buyer that all the utilities work fine, and there is no need for any repairs. This aspect is beneficial for the seller as well as it assures him a quick and hassle-free selling of his home. So, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

There are some methods by which a seller can get the inspection done at once without facing any circumstances. Read out these following tricks and smoothen up the process of selling your home.

Keep the House Clean

This one seems easy, but it is not as cleaning does not mean brooming only. It means to keep your house maintained and clean-looking as well. A fresh home always leaves a positive impression that an inspector notices instantly.

Make sure there is no pest invasion as it seems filthy like hell. If you see any pests or droppings, call a pest removal service or do it yourself. Check your basement and the attic and clear the path there. Make use of a vacuum cleaner and throw all the junk away while maintaining the necessary stuff such as cardboards or any tools. If trees are hovering over your roof, trim the additional parts, so it looks beautiful, not shaggy.


Make Sure the Utilities Work Fine

Your faulty utilities are the second thing that home inspectors easily notice and delay the process. By utilities, we mean your dishwasher, toilet flush, power box, and similar items. Give close attention to all the utilities and see if they work finely. If not, it is wise to perform a repair for all of them and keep all the bills.

Additionally, create enough space to let the inspector check other items as well if anything is blocking the path.

Turn On the Pilot Lights

Pilot light means keeping your gas, stove, or heater turned on so they can be adequately inspected. Often home inspectors do not turn on the pilot light themselves. To fasten up the survey process, it is your job to keep them lit until inspection gets done.

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Keep the Keys Accessible

Make sure to keep all the keys and remotes available to the inspector. This way, inspection of your garage, basement, electrical box can be done quickly. Inform the inspector about the location where you have put the keys so there won’t be any return trip and you won’t be charged additionally.

Keep Repair Documents Ready to Show

It is vital to present your home inspector the reports of any repair or refinishing done in the past. If any installment happened for the utilities or electrical items then showing the relevant documents is necessary. Also, to make the process easy and smooth, make sure you replace all the defective items with working or new ones such as your doors, windows, and cracked glasses.

Prepare To Be Away For Three Hours Minimum

Often the buyer wants to visit with the home inspector while discussing different aspects of your home. It is the time when you should leave the house and let the buyer be comfortable and have his own opinions. You can easily schedule the time by contacting the home inspector and schedule the visit.

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The Verdict

Preparing the residence for home inspection is the only way to get it done in no time. Make sure nothing is faulty, and everything looks clean and up to the mark to get a good score on the report. This way, the process becomes straightforward for both the buyer and the seller.

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