Get the Top Influencer Online to Make your Brand a Household Name in 3 Easy Steps

Get the Top Influencer Online to Make your Brand a Household Name in 3 Easy Steps

Marketing the products or services they produce is really important for any company. In this day and age, it is an absolute necessity as there is no alternative to make a product familiar to the target market. But it is not the ultimate tool these days as marketing or advertising is less effective now. Not just a remarkable campaign can get you customers in hordes but you need a remarkable product too.

Nowadays you can’t succeed by creating a product which is considered safe. In good old days, companies succeeded by creating a product with average design and features and catered to an average person on the street. This rule can no longer offer you success in the process of creating a product must be dealt with great care. Online marketing companies do offer you great support in getting to your goal but first of all, you need a great idea which is viable enough to market.

The Perfect Marketing for your Product

Need the Big Guns of industry marketing your product? Sounds too good to be true. While you can start writing blogs and if they turn out to be excellent, you can be mentioned in their blogs. Getting your brand mentioned in a top industry blog which is read by hundreds of thousands of people can be like winning a jackpot. But this doesn’t happen every day.

For a small business/startup, you need to follow the three following steps for getting the best and most amazing marketing of your product and that too for free. In the following paragraphs, I will take the example of a cloud computing solution.

  1. Determine the Influencer for your Brand

You need to find an influencer for your brand that will be the right fit for your brand. If Taylor Swift is your favorite singer, it won’t be much of a difference even if she will mention you on her Twitter account. Teenage boys and girls who are her fans won’t buy your cloud computing solutions. So you need to find an influencer on the Internet like Seth Godin or Jeff Bullas to have the right kind of audience for your product. A digital marketing company can also do the same task for you at an affordable price.

The most important part in this regard is that your influencer must have the right kind of reach with your audience. So a technology guru mentioning your name as a top solution provider will the icing on the cake for you rather a fashion blog mentioning your brand. Put these factors in place and only then you will identify the type of influencer correctly which can drive traffic towards your website with a number of people who can be your potential customers.

  1. The Perfect Influencer

Social media monitoring is the best way to find the influencer according to the criteria set by you through the previous step. Tools like social mention to find brand mentions on Facebook or Twitter is one way to find the influencer according to your brand. You can also identify influencers who regularly tweet or share blogs related to your industry.

Furthermore, you can use social media monitoring by researching most common hashtags used to find active people. Google alerts for keywords related to your brand and industry is another way to make sure to identify people who actively write about topics in your area. Blogger outreach is an important way to look at the influencers as they have their own blogs. You can search for blog posts in your area and use posts to determine their relevance. In this way, you will find the influencer best for you product.

  1. Influence them to write for you

The customers who are happy with your product are the ones who can be of most help to you. Simply ask them to share their photos, videos, and other content and tell them you will share this with your audience on the blog. You will be amazed to see their response as most people love this activity. Now give your happy customers and brand advocates importance by asking them to answer questions for getting a coupon, for example. This is one way to entice your audience to no end as virtually everyone will like to have a free discount coupon.

I hope once you will apply the steps of this blog, you will get positive results for your brand. Please take some time to give your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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