Glaucoma Treatment: Its Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Glaucoma Treatment: Its Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure, for this reason, to know well about glaucoma treatment, its reasons, the symptoms and so on is really important as keeping ourselves fit and healthy is the priority. Our eyes do have optic nerves that are responsible for carrying signals from the eye to the brain; and for this reason, when these are damaged then the function ability of our eyes is naturally hampered. Quite a common disorder these days, there are many ways of understanding and detecting the symptoms and hence, curing the disease.


The most dangerous thing about this specific disease is that the symptoms are visible after the diseases have spread and did progress to an extent. At the first stage, one cannot even realize the disorder happening inside his/her eyes. Hence, this often leads to irreversible eyesight damage and loss of vision too. The damage caused to the eyesight is irreversible but there are an array of ways for glaucoma treatment owing to the development in the field of medical sciences and other scientific studies. Any kind of difficulty must be reported to the doctor.


The First Signs of Glaucoma


Though the ultimate loss of vision takes place after some time, the primary symptoms that can be clinically tested are that of, peripheral vision loss. This is the very first sign that is visible after one can sense the disease and immediately after that one must consult a doctor to get the best glaucoma treatment.


Types of Glaucoma


There are various kinds of glaucoma treatments depending upon the type of disease, here are a few kinds of glaucoma. The first is primary open angle glaucoma. This is most common among the hoi polloi. Acute angle closure glaucoma is another kind of it and its symptoms are a bit different from the others. This is also quite common compared to the frequency of occurrence of glaucoma in the populace. Headache, red eyes, dilated pupils, nausea, vomiting are some of the most common symptoms of this kind of a disease. Usually, these symptoms goes unnoticed because people think this might be due to a change in diet or something of least botheration.


Normal tension glaucoma is another kind of disease. The interesting part is, the cause of occurrence is still not known clearly to the doctors but they believe this is more common among females, people in Japan or people having vascular diseases in their genes. Glaucoma treatment is advancing these days where medical science is progressing in leaps and bounds and doctors are constantly trying to conceive of better ideas for medication and surgical treatment processes.


Other types are primary, secondary and congenital glaucoma. These can also be treated but if not, then the results are fatal for the vision of the person.


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Glaucoma Treatment Types


Medication, eye drops can work well depending upon the severity of the disorder or the extent to which the disease has spread. But in most cases, the only treatment is surgery that is complicated enough.


Ways of Prevention


If any disease has to happen when it is there in the gene, genetics cannot be avoided especially when people are having vascular disorders in their genes. But general regular check-ups can prevent such diseases. Getting in touch to a doctor can help prevent glaucoma. Early detection of signs of the disorder can check the spread of the disease. Our hygiene has to be kept in mind. Our unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to such disorders.


Things That Can Increase the Risk of Glaucoma


  • Smoking can be responsible
  • Unhealthy lifestyle is the major reason behind this disorder
  • A person being overweight with an unhealthy diet can get this disease


There are multiple ways of glaucoma treatment that are more commonly followed in the present time; be it medicines, eye drops or surgery as medical science, it is improving at a monumental pace.