A Guide To Independent Travel In Cyprus

A Guide To Independent Travel In Cyprus

The endless blue-skies and miles of sandy coast make Cyprus a tourist’s dreamland. Convenient holiday packages and Cyprus citizenship investment programme welcome everyone from all over the world especially cheerful Europeans. But, there’s more to the place than the sand and the best way to explore this Mediterranean island is wandering the jagged heartland and its cobblestone villages, away from the resorts.

The Old Town

The North Nicosia (Lefkoşa) and the divided capital Nicosia (Lefkosia) give a feel of old-town with skinny lanes cuddles amidst the remnants of Venetian Walls that lead to Ottoman prayer areas and the medieval churches. In Larnaca, the twisting alleyways dart south from the resolute Agios Lazaros Church to the old Turkish chamber of Skala.

Here, the white-washed cottages nestled in the refined and local artisans like Emira Pottery that have inaugurated the shops. In the North Cyprus, honey-stoned castle looms over the tiny Kyrenia (Gime), an old town whereas the barricaded old city of Famagusta (Mağusa) is specked with shard-like leftovers from the Byzantine luxury, speaking of a past that’s long-gone and glorious.

North Nicosia Cyprus

Nature Retreats

Unwind your soul with an alternative beach holiday at the Karpas (Kırpaşa) Peninsula and see the wild donkeys graze the lonely coastal strip. In the late summers, turtles make their nests here but if you wish to beat the feel of being remote, dash to the nearby wilderness and mingle with other travellers.

The lively town Agia Napa has all to appeal party-goers but cycle or walk to the coastal paths of the Cape Greco. The Troodos Mountains is the best spot to explore the pine-forest trail that’s specked with the wild fennel all the way from Pafos or Lemesos. A trip to Larnaca’s salt marches is best to see the pink-shaded flamingos that gather here during spring.

Best Beaches Cyprus

Culinary Treat

Cypriot cuisine is a perfect Mediterranean mix taking influence from Turkish, Middle East and Greek with each recipe packs exotic fresh flavours. Old town is the best place to skip the usual bland meals and dig in the traditional food made from perfect spices to delight your taste buds but, don’t underestimate the local village taverns in the rural areas. Sink your teeth in meze, chop kleftiko (oven-baked lamb) or sample true Cypriot’s sun-drenched taste at one of the local restaurants.

Cyprus Culinary Treat

The Local Village Stays

The feel of rural Cyprus is best experienced by spending time at one of Cyprus’s laid-back villages where life seems to have slowed in a cobblestoned time-warp! Loiter between the caramel-shaded alleyways of Lofou at the rural yet stylish retreat of Apokryfo.

Spend a day ortwo trekking the Maheras Forest district, the village of Lefkara and the adjacent Neolithic site of the Choirokoitia. The To Spitiko tou Arhonta is perfect for those willing to immerse completely into the Troodos mountain life.

Planning The Trip

Bearing Cyprus citizenship investment is the best to explore Cyprus which is divided into two units namely; Republic of Cyprus (South Cyprus) and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (North Cyprus). Despite the continued isolation of the island, travelling between the sides is quite simple with a valid passport. One can conveniently fly in and out of the South and the North.


Travelling independently in and around Cyprus is worthy experience and perhaps the best way to make the most of your Cyprus citizenship investment.