Healthy Diet Hacks for Super Busy People

Healthy Diet Hacks for Super Busy People

Whether you have a large family or work all day, you are likely to face the same challenge several times a day: what to eat. The answer is easy if you have plenty of time to shop for food and prepare it, but busy people simply cannot afford this. Important business requires taking care of and meals get a short time window: half an hour, tops. Enough to chew food slowly, but not enough time to prepare it properly. That is why unhealthy and factory made food like cans are the only remaining option for super busy people. However, this can lead to malnutrition or even obesity and can ruin a person’s health. There are ways to avoid this, as we present you several diet hacks. Don’t deprive yourself of vitamins, carbon-hydrates, and proteins as there are other ways to increase their daily intake.

Salad in a jar

Refrigeration is a huge civilizational leap forward that still does wonders. Use your fridge to prolong the freshness of fruit and vegetables. They contain the most nutrients when fresh, but these last only for a week at most. By keeping them in a fridge you prolong the time during which they are edible. Since you need portable and easily available meals, you can make veggie or fruit salads. They are kept inside a fridge and you can just pick them up when you become hungry. You can even get a small fridge for your office so you don’t have to leave the building you work to buy unhealthy street food. You might think that salad in a jar isn’t that much tasty, but that is the beauty of it. Since you are the one preparing it in advance, you can garner it any way you like. You can buy ready-made sauces or cook your own, or just pour ketchup and mayonnaise as the simplest kind of topping. You can search online for recipes for this kind of salad on the go that is popular with business people.

Plenty of water

Every college student will tell you about the importance of hydration since they spend the entire day at lectures. Some 2/3 of your body mass consists of water, and it is responsible for washing away all the toxins from your body. It cleanses the entire body and rejuvenates it. That is why the daily recommended dose varies from some 2 liters to 4 liters. Basically, you should drink a glass of water any chance you get. If you get tired at work, make a short break and go to the water cooler. There you’ll meet other colleagues so you can socialize over a glass of cold water. Another handy solution to staying hydrated is to carry at all times a half a liter bottle from which you can sip from time to time when you feel thirsty. Remember, dehydration is not an option!

Meal plans

If you lack free time during the day, that probably means that you are an orderly and organized person. Why not apply that meticulousness to your eating habits as well? The keyword is meal plans that are goal-oriented. Simply make weekly, monthly or yearly nutritional goals. Then you can make a plan on how to achieve these goals. You can do it yourself or consult a nutritionist. There are even food companies which specialize in healthy meal plans. They prepare the food for you and deliver it to your doorstep. More importantly, they do this according to the prearranged schedule. Just arrange them to come at the start of your break at work and enjoy a cooked meal without the hassle of having to prepare it yourself.


Solid food has its benefits, but for proper digestion you need to water down your diet a little bit. In this sense, soups are ideal food for busy people. Just as is the case with salads, you can make huge batches of it, pour it in Tupperware cups and refrigerate them. Then they are ready to be eaten during the shortest of breaks, but just make sure you eat properly and slowly.

Focus on the eating

People are not machines that are just fed in with tasteless food. Don’t turn the precious time for food into something as automated as filling up a car tank at a gas station. Not only do you need to find time for meals, but you have to focus on the process of eating. Think about the food in your mouth and savor its taste and texture. Don’t gulp down food, forgetting to breathe between bites. By eating slowly you decrease the total amount of food you consume, thus preventing potential problem with obesity.

Healthy Diet Hacks for Super Busy People

Resist the temptation

Let’s face it, in order to eat healthy on the go; you have to reject other types of food. By these we mean fast, unhealthy food and candy. Resisting the temptation to consume such types of food is perhaps more important than the intake of healthy food listed above. The best way to achieve this is to stay away from any tempting situations. For instance, reject the invitation from your colleagues to go outside with them and hang around the street food vendors. Once they and other people start buying hot dogs and hamburgers you might be tempted to eat one.

Also, don’t have the habit of keeping candy and chocolate in every nook and cranny of the office or your home. Clear out the entire secret stashed to avoid the temptation of unwanted sugar intake. Like we recommended earlier, you can substitute these candy bars with a bottle of water, which will produce the same psychological effect. Munchies are not about the protein intake, but about the need of your mind to constantly eat something. By sipping water all day, you are adopting a healthy habit rather than an unhealthy one.

We hope that by now you realize how important healthy meals are, even if you don’t have time to prepare them yourself. There are solutions to this problem: order out, prepare food the night before and carry a bottle of water on your person at all times. It is that simple.

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