How Ignoring Depression Can Lead To a Complete Breakdown Of Your Mental Health

How Ignoring Depression Can Lead To a Complete Breakdown Of Your Mental Health

What is depression?


Clinical depression is a severe mental illness. It is also known as major depression. It affects the mood, thoughts, and body. Major depression affects the way you sleep, eat, and associate with others and yourself. You cannot merely put yourself back together if you are suffering from depression; you need professional help. We need to take depression as seriously as it deserves to be taken. Without treatment, you can suffer for days or worse, lose your life. With the right treatment, you can be able to deal with your depression. There are even chatrooms available for people suffering from depression to share their experiences and give each motivation.


Effects of unresolved addiction


Suppressed depression may lead to addiction and such risky behavior. When you ignore depression, it may have adverse effects on your mental health. It is not easy to deal with grief. Therefore, you may look for an alternative means of dealing with it. This may be through behavior such as drug addiction. Many of those who suffer from depression may turn to alcohol and drugs, to try and numb those emotions


Mental breakdown


When you fail to treat depression, you risk suffering a complete mental breakdown. When this happens, it becomes impossible for you to live your life as you had before. Tasks such as going to work, cleaning your living space and even brushing your teeth, become impossible. Mental breakdown starts as subtle emotional upset.


The mental breakdown will cause you to suffer from severe psychological and emotional side effects. Extreme emotions are unhealthy for you, as they may lead to desperate actions. Prolonged depression will cause you to feel that all odds are against you. You will feel disconnected from those who love you, and that which makes you feel fulfilled. When this happens, you become hopeless and helpless, feeling that there is no point in focusing on anything.


If you no longer have anything to live for, you will then become paranoid. You may act in illogical and irrational ways because you will fail to tell reality from illusions. The last stage of a mental breakdown will be suicidal ideation. Your spirit and will entirely be out of touch,  and you may see suicide as a good way out. You will not realize how inaccurate this is, because depression may hinder you from logical thinking.


Ignoring Depression Can Lead To a Complete Breakdown Of Your Mental Health




Like most diseases, depression can be treated. Through medicines and talk therapy, qualified professionals will help you come to terms with your grief. There are so many avenues through which you can share your journey. These include; secret meetings, chatrooms, and even movements.


Depression is not something to be ignored. Dealing with depression through the right treatment will ensure that victims of significant depression; can go back to being themselves and to find a new purpose in life. You should check up on your loved ones ever so often, to ensure that they have good mental health.