How Much To Tip a Cab Driver? – Travel Tips

How Much To Tip a Cab Driver? – Travel Tips

When it comes to traveling it is important to know about the tipping customs to the locations you are traveling too. The tipping customs are different for hotels, restaurants and for cabs. Look up on the internet before you go handing over tips. When it comes to tipping cab drivers it is better to know from the locals that do they tip the cab drivers. There are few tips that you can try that on which basis you should tip the cab driver.


Traveling in taxi is affordable in many cities around the world but sometimes there are some taxi services which can charge their customers with high rates. It is important for people to know how can they save their money and stay safe while they are traveling in the taxi. There are some ways which the travels can adapt in order to save money and have a safe ride. Here are some of the ways.


The first thing to look for is that the cab driver should know about the location you are traveling too. If the cab driver knows the fastest routes in the city and is also able to take you to the best spots in that city. You can generously tip the cab driver if he improves your traveling experience. The driver who has the knowledge about the whole area will ignore the traffic jams and will get to your desired location on time.


The second thing is the speed of the service. If the driver’s pulls off the ride in short time then that driver deserves some extra dollars. Cab drivers should know the shortcuts and the fastest routes. If the cab driver takes you on unnecessary routes then feel free to reduce the tip.


The third thing to look for is that the does the cab driver asks to do some extra things for you like offering you to pick up your luggage. If the cab driver knows how to take care of his passengers then feel free to tip above the normal tips. If the cab drivers also played as your tour guide and made better your traveling experience then you can add some extra money to the cab fares for the driver. These type of things make them happy so you can go for it.


The fourth and the final thing you can use as the basis for extra tipping the driver is that if your driver is friendly. If your driver is friendly and know how to communicate with the passengers and guiding them on different locations around the city then you should extra tip the driver because he has made your traveling experience good. You should know that when your cab ride is not comfortable or the experience is not good enough then your traveling experience is ruined. So it is recommended to look for the right cab service which is registered by some cab company.


You can always check the cab & limo service fares and the reviews of the cab service of that specific city you are traveling too. By searching these things you will understand the cab service and the tipping norms according to that city. There are some cities where taxis are not that efficient but there are some other services which offers better traveling experience and is affordable so you can always go for those kinds of services by first doing some research on these services.