How to Block a Contact in Android

How to Block a Contact in Android

For many functions that our smartphone has, its main function is to connect with other people with whom, for whatever reason, we can not talk in person (distance, time …). In this sense, technology brings great value to our lives, which allows people who are far away from each other to tell each other instantly.

However, as with almost everything in this life, there is a dark side, and that is that from time to time things happen with our contacts and we decide that we do not want to talk to them anymore and we do not want them to bother us. In this simple tutorial we will show how you can block an Android contact to those who did not know how to do it.

Several models of smartphones have this factory capacity

Over the years and the evolution of different smartphones, some had forgotten something as essential as the functions of a phone. However, some manufacturers have been incorporating the possibility of blocking factory contacts for some time and, fortunately, although this has not been publicized, this has been extended.

If you are new to the Android world or did not know how to block a contact, you just have to go to the phone application and select the contacts part. Select the one you want to block and, once inside, select the appropriate option. In some cases this possibility is hidden in the menu icon that is usually in the upper can also use fnaf world download for better option.

If your problem is not a contact of yours but a stranger who insists (for example, commercials) while you are doing important things, like taking a nap or watching the documentary of La 2 (which is like taking a nap, but with the TV on ), then, before blocking it, you will have to add it as a contact and follow the described process.

The problem is not the calls, but the continuous messages by Whatsapp and other similar apps

In the current times, with as much possibility as we have to use the internet, that phone call has been lost a lot, and instead instant messaging applications are used, being the most popular (not the only, clearly) Whatsapp. If you are sure that you will not be harassed with calls but by the app in question, then you can resort directly to it.

To put a couple of examples among the most popular, we’ll explain it quickly with WhatsApp and Telegram. In the first case you would have to enter the application and select the chat with the person you want to block. Once inside, click on the menu icon (top right) and click ‘More’ and then block, confirm your choice and it will be done.

Whatsapp Android Block Contact

In the case of Telegram it is a bit more convoluted in appearance, but just as effective. First, once inside the app, swipe to display the menu on the left and select ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘Privacy and security’, select ‘Blocked users’ and click on the plus symbol. Select the contact and you have already blocked it.

If you want to make sure that the person in question does not definitely bother you, we recommend that you block both your contacts and the chat application you use.

You can also use third-party applications

If your smartphone does not have in itself the possibility of blocking contacts (make sure you do not have an app installed for that purpose in the application drawer) or prefer other options, then in Google Play there are a few very interesting options. Next we will put a small list of some of the best applications to block contacts.

Calls Blacklist

This is an application that I usually recommend to those who ask me and can not block contacts natively on their smartphone. With this application you can not only block contacts that are already on your list, but you can block any phone number to not receive calls or SMS.

Calls Blacklist Android

An interesting point of this application is that you can dial the number directly, choose it from the call history or block any phone number that starts with some digits that you choose, as well as among your contacts. With this you can get that nobody bothers you that you do not want.