How to Choose the Best Wedding Reception Venues?

How to Choose the Best Wedding Reception Venues?

The wedding is once in a lifetime occasion and among a most important day of anyone’s life.  Every couple wants a perfect wedding. Selecting a perfect wedding reception venue is the most important part of wedding planning. You should choose the best wedding reception venues to make your wedding day special.


If you are planning your wedding, then here are some steps that will help you select the right wedding reception venue.


Decide the Theme of Your Reception


Nowadays, people love to do theme weddings; you can have a romantic theme, rustic theme, vintage theme or any other style of theme.  But your theme will look complete only if your venue complements your theme.    


Select A Venue That Suits Your Requirement


Your venue should align with your vision and budget. You should check if the venue is not too small and is laced with all the modern amenities to make you and your guests will feel comfortable. Therefore, for selecting the best wedding reception venues you should make a list that how many guests you are inviting and how much you are expecting. This is one of the crucial factor’s which is not considered by many people. You may feel awkward If the venue is too small and your guests are much higher in number.  The place will look clustered and no one will be able to enjoy the wedding truly.


Make a Budget


So when you know that how many guests are attending your event then you should be prepared with a budget in hand to cater all the people because some venues can be hired only with in-house catering systems so you should analyse everything well in advance that how you want to decorate the wedding reception venues like which type of floral and décor designs you are looking for. If you know your budget in advance then you can easily select the design without wasting much time. Making a budget is important because after booking a venue you find that you are sort out of the money for other allocated things for the wedding then you will be not in a state of cancelling the venue because they charges high cancellation fees. So you are recommended to select the best and affordable wedding reception venues.


Services Offered by Venues


There are numerous services which are offered by wedding reception venues so you should ask them before finalising the venue that what type of services they offer. Some venues offer full services including decoration and in-house catering and some of them allows you to bring vendors and decors. If the owner of the venue agrees with you to provide tables, chair and linens then you should ask them about the additional charges they are charging because getting additional services without asking pricing can turn into a dispute afterwards. If you have less time and you don’t want to spend much time in hiring different vendors and decors for different works, then you should rent a venue which provides in-house catering with all types of luxurious food and beverages which you want in your menus.


Wedding Reception Venue


Meet the Staff


Staff is equally important. Good venue staff can double the pleasure of your wedding with their pleasing behaviour. Therefore, you must meet the staff personally and see if they are well trained or not.  




You should not spend your valuable money on renting a wedding venue which doesn’t align with your vision. You should stay true to yourself and hire a venue that comes in your budget.