How to Play Paddle Ball – Tips to Win the Game

How to Play Paddle Ball – Tips to Win the Game

Playing a catchy paddle ball game can turn a lazy day at the beach into an exciting and enjoyable afternoon of exercise. Once a simple game with little structure or defined rules, paddle ball has developed into a sport with rules. With the proper equipment and enthusiasm, you can learn to enjoy this sport in full swing. But remember the Best Pickleball Paddle will be the one which helps you a lot in your game.

Play Paddle Ball


  • Draw a rectangle in the sand using a stick or your heel that measures 26-1 / 4 feet by 52-1 / 2 feet for a double court or 15 feet by 48 feet for a singles court.
  • Erect your net in the middle of your sense of court width. The top of your net should be 5 feet and 6-3 / 4 inches tall, and should cover the width of the field.
  • Establish teams. This can be done randomly, by turning over a coin or playing a short volley game so that the last two people on the fly the paddle ball are the captains of the opposing teams and are able to choose their partner.
  • Establish his serve on the fly the ball in the net as one of the team’s accuracy.
  • Play a game of one, three or five sets using standard tennis scoring 15-30-40. Paddleball games do not use a party system, so at 40-40 or heck, the next point wins.
  • Tips and Warnings
  • Review the rules of the game on the official Beach Tennis USA website to learn the intricacies of the game.

How to follow the Paddleball rules

You can play paddleball in a small enclosed courtyard indoors or a chosen space outside. Players who intend to participate in tournaments or for fun must follow the rules of the game.


  • Read the 4-wall rules and an online paddle wall on the website of the National Paddleball Association and the US Paddleball Association (USAPA)
  • Join a paddle league. Look for the league sign up at your gym, local tennis clubs or nearby outdoor tennis court areas. Ask members to help you learn the rules.
  • Sign up for a paddle camp or clinical teaching. Camps are not just for young people. The National Paddleball Association sanctions several events across the country for women, men and junior players.
  • Practice with more experienced paddle players. While it’s nice to compete with opponents of your level, it’s also helpful to play a veteran from time to time to refresh yourself on the rules and the proper flow.
  • Review all tournament rules and regulations before playing in all events. Tournaments usually follow the standard association rules, but also add some regulations of their own as proper attire, substitutions and types of equipment that are acceptable (see Resources).

Tips and Warnings

  • Master the rules by teaching others. After you know all the rules of the paddleball game, teach a new player what you know.
  • Practice makes perfect. The best way to keep the rules fresh in your mind is to practice and follow the rules while you play.

Difference between Pickleball & Paddleball

Paddleball and pickleball, two fast-paced games including a racket and a ball, vary enough that each provides a matchless gaming experience.


Paddleball involves two individuals or teams, each of whom attempts to flip a service ball through the other against a wall. Each team must hit the ball in turn, and the ball must bounce inside the prescribed play area on the wall or on the floor.


Pickleball takes place on a suitable pitch for badminton. Each team tries to return the ball on the net until a return score misses a point for the opposing team.

Play Paddle Ball Game




Paddleball games can play at 15, 21 or 25 points. Pickleball games only go to a final score of 11, but the winning team must score a two-point margin for the win.


Paddleball needs a rubber ball and a wall, while pickleball practices a hollow plastic ball and a net.

The playground

Paddleball courts measure 20 by 34 feet on the floor, with a wall play area extending upwards by 16 feet. Pickleball courts measure 20 feet by 44 feet, with an area of 7 feet “out” adjacent the net.