How to Properly Maintain Your Roof in Order to Prevent Leaks

How to Properly Maintain Your Roof in Order to Prevent Leaks

The roof may not be the foundation of the house, but it’s a glue that keeps it all together. That is why if there is even the smallest damage to the roofing your structural integrity may be in danger. Moreover, roof repairs are expensive and are quite a hit to the budget if they’re unplanned for. However, if you neglect your roof for longer periods of time and ignore the signs of it needing repairs, the damage might become disaster full and can lead to a total roof replacement. That is a huge expense and will make you wish you hadn’t ignored the signs.

Even if you notice just a little bit of moist collecting in the corners, it is a sign to tend to your roof since the next instance is a leak that can hurt the wiring and structure. Therefore, proper maintenance of your roof is necessary to prevent leaks that can cause water to enter the walls. This is actually something that can protect your home in the long run and here is how.

Clean the gutters 

Over time, the gutters become clogged with leaves and debris which prevent rainwater to run freely and it overflows. When this happens, especially during heavy rains, the water will enter the walls and leak inside. This will cause mold and mildew to form on the walls, which can also be detrimental to the household members’ health. Mold can solely be responsible for eating wallpapers, drywall, carpets and even floorboards. What’s more, if not eliminated promptly, mold can cause the ceilings to collapse and even walls to fall down.

In order to prevent this, clean your gutters in time before the rainy season and make sure that they are all in order. Gutter repairs don’t cost nearly as much as drying the walls and removing mildew so it’s wise to prevent this nuisance. To spot a gutter in need of a repair cannot be easy to a non-professional. The usual signs are leaks, corrosion, and siding damage. However, if you are not completely sure, it’s always better to consult a professional and eliminate a potential disaster.

Perform regular check of roof’s surface

The best way to notice any damage is not to wait for it to show inside your home. This means that you should check for any cracks in the surface and take care of them before they become serious. Do this after a rough season, like winter and summer. The reason you should be doing this is that every winter causes some damage to the roof, especially if it was a harsh one. Also, roof inspection should be done after the summer in order to prepare the roof for the harsh climate.

However, if your area experienced heavy rainfall and wind that year, you will need to check the roof for damage more often. Performing regular checks will help you do repairs in time and protect the integrity of the roof. Not to mention that it will save you a lot of money if detected before the weather becomes harsh.

Look for animals nesting on it

Wild animals like to build nests in your roof. Storks are the most usual tenants on the roof, although other birds and mammals like to live there as well. One of the things mammals will do, like squirrels and racoons, is to damage the tiles in order to access the attic and build a nest.

While these animals are only looking for shelter, they can, unfortunately, cause leaks in the house. In order to prevent this, build them shelter in the yard like small houses. Furthermore, don’t attempt to remove these animals by yourself since you can hurt them, so call proper authorities to do that.

Roof Inspection

Upgrade before it fails

Every roof needs tending after a while and this is not something to be taken lightly. Even the best types like copper roofing need maintenance and will last longer if done in time. However, this is not something you can do yourself, and it’s advisable to hire professionals to do the job properly. As roof repairs are still a far more inexpensive solution than any serious damage sanation, the prevention is definitely the better medicine.

Any upgrade sooner will save you the enormous expense and trouble later when the roof foundation fails due to negligence. Furthermore, upgrades are not something you will have to do often and depend on the quality of your roof in the first place. So if you are about to install a new roof, choose the one with the most durability and highest quality for the budget you have.

Apply roof coating

UV radiation can cause damage to the roof that can only become more serious over time. If you leave in the sunny region then you should consider applying roof coating. This coating has high reflectivity and basically acts like a sunblock for the roof.

Additionally, you can choose a coating with waterproofing properties so it could serve as protection against rain as well. Another benefit of roof coating is that it will make your house more energy efficient and preserve the temperature inside. Furthermore, there is always the additional benefit when you live in sunny areas and that is the possibility of adding solar panels that will substantially reduce your electricity bills during winter.


Treat your roof kindly and it will protect you and your home from the elements and harsh temperatures outside. It is important to cherish and properly love your entire home but you should always give roof some extra affection because it is what holds the home together. Furthermore, properly maintain your roof in order to prevent leaks that can seriously engender the whole structure of your home. It’s better to spend some money right away on maintenance, then a large amount of renovation due to damage caused by bad roofing. Follow these tips we prepared and you will be safe all-year long.