How to Protect and Maintain the Glass Table

How to Protect and Maintain the Glass Table

We give you some recommendations to keep your glass table for home clean and bright.


The glass tables are without a doubt a marvelous element that can improve home decoration thanks to the elegance and beauty that they transmit in the center of any room, or to the protection that a transparent sheet of glass can give to common furniture and tables. Not only that, the glass tables provides an optical illusion of space and improved lighting that can benefit any space in your home or office. And although these crystals are generally made to be more resistant, this does not mean that they do not require attention. For this reason, below, we will give you some recommendations so that you can give care and maintenance to your glass side table for home so that it lasts quite a long time.


Prevent scratches


Prevent Scratches


The first recommendation may be the most obvious, but that does not mean it is less important. And is that, an essential part of the beauty of any glass table for home is found in its clean and transparent surface, which transmits unhindered light that passes through it, so a scratch or mark can ruin the image with which you seek to improve home decoration. For this reason, we do not recommend storing objects that may scratch your glass tables, such as toys, books, or items with sharp edges and rough bases. If you want to display an object (such as books, for example), we recommend placing a protector underneath, such as a cloth, that avoids scratches but is elegant and does not affect the design of your home.


Clean Your Glass Table Carefully


Clean Your Glass Table Carefully


The risk of scratching your shimmering glass table for home doesn’t just come from the ornaments you put on it. Carelessly cleaning any glass can end up damaging the crystal panel. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of abrasive products and cleaners containing ammonia and acid. You should also not use paper towels to clean the surface of your glass tables, not only because it can leave fluff on the surface, but also because the fluff itself can scratch the glass. One trick we recommend is to use a wet newspaper paper sheet to avoid leaving lint on the glass table for home, and in the case of commercial cleaners, it is best to use light aerosol foam cleaners, which leave the glass shiny just by spraying and cleaning. Something else to consider is that some people dilute the commercial cleaner in water, and since the quality of this can vary greatly from place to place, it is possible that the tap water you use to dilute the commercial cleaner contains some impurities, when you use it to clean the glass coffee tables for home, end up causing the crystal to have streaky deposits, and not leave everything clean and shiny that you want. If possible, we recommend using distilled water to avoid this, since it does not contain the same impurities and minerals as tap water, it is less likely to cause this effect.


Don’t you have a Commercial Cleaner? You can always use Vinegar


A cheap alternative to commercial cleaners is vinegar. It has the advantage of being natural, so it’s a plus for those who like to clean ecologically, it’s non-toxic, it’s antibacterial and its acid level makes it safe for both humans and pets. The most recommended vinegar to clean the glass table for home is distilled white vinegar. You can mix it with warm water (for best result, distilled water), at a ratio of 50/50, and using a reusable spray bottle, spray on the surface of your glass tables. Another mix you can use is a cup of water, mixed with a cup of alcohol and a tablespoon of vinegar, taking advantage that the alcohol also prevents stains on the glass.


Don’t Exaggerate With Foaming Soap


When faced with a particularly dirty glass table, it is normal to think that water with a lot of soap is the ideal solution. And although you can end up cleaning the glass table for home, the glass can end up with ugly stains on its surface, a product of the foam generated. Therefore, if you are going to create your own mix of water with different products to clean the glass table, we recommend that you use little soap to avoid stains.


Protect Your Glass Table


The most important thing for your glass table to serve to improve home decoration of your home is that you are always protecting it. First, place it where it is safe, where it is not a barrier or obstacle that people can hit or drop items that cause damage. Second, since sooner or later your glass table will be fitted with objects such as hot plates and cups, toys or items, you should use a decorative placemat or cup holders, which will not only protect your glass table but can also help improve the decoration. Third, you can use rubber bumpers to protect them, either at the edges of the glass table or underneath the glass sheet to take advantage of its non-slip properties so it doesn’t slip and/or fall.


Cleans Regularly


We have already said that the great advantage of glass tables is that beautiful image of a clean and transparent sheet of glass in the center of your room that helps to improve home decoration. But this usually goes hand in hand in homes where, over time, dust accumulates and ends up fouling your glass table for home, so you’ll need to have a regular cleaning schedule to preserve the cleanliness of your glass table. We recommend that, at least once a week, you use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass dust, in addition to using cleaners to remove sticky dirt and leave the glass surface shiny. This way, not only will you prevent dirt from accumulating to a point where it is difficult to clean, but you will always have a clean, shiny glass table.