How to Regain the Space in Your Home

How to Regain the Space in Your Home

Each home today seems to have a surplus of things we don’t need. Though we convince ourselves that we need those things for better home design, they soon eat us up entirely. Not only do they hinder your design, but they also make it harder to navigate the house. As well as that, they make the place feel cluttered and claustrophobic. This is the opposite of the feelings you want to have in your home. Your house should be a place of relaxation and comfort. This means that it’s high time for a change.


1. The hall


As the face of the house, your hall needs to be spacious and clean. More often than not, halls are stuffed with oversized closets or a plethora of winter and spring jackets piled onto each other. The first impression your visitors have of your house is that it’s small, stuffed, and borderline claustrophobic.


You can give your hall a sleek look if you introduce a wall closet. Complete it with a sliding door and you’ve got both elegance and space.


2. The kitchen


You’re supposed to be swift and fast in the kitchen but you can’t do that if the clutter doesn’t allow it. Though we all want fabulous kitchens, we tend to overdo it. Just think of all the cute little pieces of kitchen décor you’ve picked up over the years. Your cupboards are probably full of old pots and pans you can’t bring yourself to throw out, too.


Luckily, all of this can be recycled. Leave space only for the useful and functional tools and décor. Metal, plastic, paper, and wood can be used for something better than collecting dust and using up precious space.





3. The bathroom


The bathroom has a primarily functional use in your household. It may be a nice project to decorate it and make it fabulous, but soon enough, you can’t even get to the shower or tub without climbing over many different things.


Add a variety of beauty lotions and creams to the mix, and the bathroom is one big mess. Try decorating with tiles and wallpaper to save space. As well as that, make one simple shelf and use wicker baskets for storage.




4. The living room


The living room is the common room of the house, and it’s most commonly filled with the tacky decoration you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away over the years. All of this excessive décor hinders your design and makes the room feel small and dusty.


The best solution here would be to employ the principles of minimalism. Strip down the objects down to their functional level and watch the bare beauty shine through. You can add a bold piece in the centre of the room to tie your design together and make a statement.


5. The bedroom


The biggest problem that faces the average bedroom is the closet. Accumulating clothes throughout the years that you’ll definitely wear is an issue we all face. It’s time to admit to yourself that you’ll never wear that tight black dress or those jeans you thought made your bottom look just right until you brought them home.


You don’t have to throw out these clothes, though. Donate them all! Poverty and homelessness are real things people face. You don’t have to sit idly by and watch, every contribution and donation helps. Maybe your clothes will be the ones to save someone from freezing this winter.


6. The kid’s room


How many toys does your kid have? You’re probably tripping over toys left and right because they always seem to forget to pick something up. Do they even play with everything they have? Most children only like toys for a day or two until they completely forget about them.


Sit down with your child and clean out all of the toys they don’t need. Explain to them that there are children out there not as lucky as they are. They could make another little girl or boy really happy if they donated the toys they don’t play with anymore. Doesn’t another child deserve to smile as bright?


7. The garage


The garage is most often the place where you hoard all of the things you’re reluctant to throw away. You don’t want to throw anything away from fear you might need it someday, but at the same time, it’s ridiculous to keep it in any other room. More often than not, you end up just piling up useless things that are easy to forget and wasting a perfectly good room.




The garage could be used for so many other things. For instance, you could create a family room, a home gym, a music room, or even a sensory room. All of the clutter is surely blocking each creative path you want to follow. All, except one. One creative solution is enough to open up so many other ways. With affordable skip bins, you can easily and quickly get rid of all the useless items in your garage and start planning your next makeover project.


8. The attic


The attic suffers the same fate as the garage. It is stuffed to the brim with old “memories” and things you surely don’t need or think of anymore. Though this room is perfect for storage, you’ll want to rethink how you store your belongings; or even if there’s an actual need for storage.


If you’re reluctant to get rid of all the sentimental things, you can turn the attic into a sort of museum. Proudly display your family history in an organized and creative fashion. This method will surely make the attic less creepy, too.




As you can see, each room needs decluttering in order to have a fully functional home. It will be much easier to part with the things you deem important if you focus on their use room by room. Some perspective is necessary for optimal results and a productive spring cleaning session. Separating your home into zones is key for effective cleaning and we’re confident you’ll see that soon enough.


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