How to Sleep Better Using White Noise

How to Sleep Better Using White Noise

Do you have problems sleeping soundly at night? Do a noisy truck on the road, a barking dog, noisy kids next door, and your snoring spouse keep you awake at night? If yes, then you need to use white noise to sleep tight when you retire to bed after a long day at work. There is nothing like sleeping soundly and waking up early in the morning feeling refreshed. Besides making you rejuvenated, sound sleep keeps your heart healthy and reduces depression and stress. You should sleep at least for seven to eight hours daily to stay fit and healthy.


According to an article published on, you should pick a white noise device that works for you. If you have a smartphone, download a white noise app with sounds of waves, rain, or wind. Read on to learn how you can sleep well using white noise.


Choosing the Right White Noise Producer


You will find plenty of devices available in stores, sold at pocket-friendly prices. However, you need to pick out the right one that helps you fall asleep fast. When it comes to these devices, they create their individual noise and play the sound back in a loop. The noise is repetitive and nonstop recording of some particular sound.


White Noise for ICU Patients


Research shows that white noise helps ICU patients to sleep despite the sounds occurring in the ICU in any hospital. It helps to eliminate the ambient sound in healthcare facilities. Sleeping soundly is essential for ICU patients, and it has a direct impact on their quick recovery.


White Helps People with Tinnitus


White noise machines also help people suffering from tinnitus, an annoying and buzzing sound in the ears. It is a condition that most affects seniors. Tinnitus is pronounced at night due to less competing sounds. White noise devices help in eliminating the buzzing or ringing sound in the patient’s ears. Based on the findings of a 2008 Consumer Reports survey, white noise generators helped 2,021 people with sleep problems. The devices worked for them, and the machines were as good as meditation in helping these people to sleep soundly.


Sleep Better with Nature Sounds


People with sleeping problems find the sound of rainfall, waves of the ocean, and the sound of wind relaxing while preparing for sleep. The consistent, incessant sound is easy for your brain to overlook. You can choose machines featuring the sound of waves or the intermittent sound of birds chirping or the sound of foghorns.


Switch off Your TV


To get the best results with white noise generators, turn off your TV set as well as stop listening to any music playing in the background. That is because a section of your brain may still pay attention to such distractions at night, keeping you awake. Avoid staring at the TV screen at least two hours before you sleep. The blue light emitted from the television represses the melatonin in your body. Melatonin is the hormone controlling your sleep and waking cycle.



Now that you know about white noise, use the right device if you have problems sleeping at night. Happy sleeping!

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