How to Take Care of Your Lawn Throughout the Year?

How to Take Care of Your Lawn Throughout the Year?

From the day us humans first figured out that we can purposefully stick a bunch of seeds into the ground with the result of an edible crop growing out of it eventually, there emerged a certain need to treat the soil in a more caring and strategically optimized fashion, so to speak.

Indeed, even if it’s just grass we’re talking about, taking your time to make the conditions for its growth spick and span has become a matter of agricultural pride and dare we say, general genteel, for the folks involved!

(Unless the Nazis are advancing in your general direction, of course. Then burning it all to the ground seems to be the only reasonable thing to do. It’s now outlawed by the Geneva convention, the scorched-earth policy.)

Anyway, if a heavily-armed Teutonic band of shouting madmen ISN’T, in fact, about to strike any time soon, you may want to start thinking ahead and coming up with a strategy of maintaining the quality of your patch o’ land all year round.

In this article, we’ll talk about lawns in particular and what you can do to ensure that your grass will be the source of pride and joy for you and an object of bitter fancy and indescribable envy for your neighbors!

Without further ado, here’s the deal.

Winter Season

One of the biggest gardening blunders you can make early on into your grass-growing mission would be to do absolutely bugger all during the winter.

Winter Season Lawn Care

Here’s the rub – even though your soil won’t be entirely useless if you don’t treat it during the winter months, its quality can be greatly improved if you actually roll up your sleeves and commit to performing some of these noble activities:

  • Garbage Removal – And by this, we mean – whatever it is that’s occupying your lawn at the moment that’s not grass. So, items such as your old wood stove, old ‘n’ disintegrating leather gloves you forgot to take in the last season, plastic bags, bricks, the lot.
  • Make Good Use of a Fertilizer – The winter season is the perfect time for setting the scene for the upcoming warmer months. To ensure your grass will grow healthy and in copious amounts, make sure to spread some fertilizer across your lawn and then leave it sitting there so that the soil can soak it in. (Make sure not to use more than the recommended amount, because this can actually damage the grass later on.)

Spring Season

Provided you’ve invested the effort to properly fertilize your soil and otherwise declutter your lawn, you should be all set to move on with your grass-growing business come spring. Since the sun rays will finally break through to the grass about this time of the year, get ready for some rapid growth!

  • Get Stocked on Grass-Cutting Supplies – If you don’t have one already, obtaining a lawn mower might be a good idea in the early spring. In case everything goes well with your lawn, and it starts producing grass left, right and center, you’ll probably need to regulate its length every week or so, lest it becomes too tall and suffocates under its own weight!
  • Consider Applying Herbicides – Sometimes it so happens that the spring season is unusually hot. Now, while this is generally a good thing for your grass, one of the things you should keep an eye out for would be the various weeds that tend to also flourish in these conditions. Crabgrass, for example, can get particularly nasty if left untreated. To prevent these problems, sprinkling your lawn with a herbicide that targets these weeds can be a great way to save money and effort later on.

Spring Season Lawn Care

Summer Season

During the summer, the deal is pretty much similar to what you’d do during the spring season. The only different thing is that there’s more work to do. Plus the grub.

That’s right! As if crabgrass wasn’t irritating enough, now there’s an army of hungry larvae willing to eat through everything and anything. Here’s what entries your summer season lawn-maintenance to-do list should include:

  • Tackle the Grub – Roughly the shape of a broken-off cereal, grubs can be easily spotted with a naked eye, so there’s no need to perform elaborate lab analyses to figure out if they’re around. Simply grab a fistful of soil and if you see them all plump and wriggling, chances are – you might have a grub situation going on. To resolve this, spread the appropriate pesticide all over your lawn!
  • Tackle the Weeds – Along with the grubs and other pests, you’ll also probably notice some rogue patches of weeds scattered about your lawn. To eradicate these, you’ll need a sturdy weeder and a bit of patience. Nothing too complicated, really.

Summer Season Lawn Care

Autumn Season

Leaves, leaves, trowel, and then some more leaves! That’s the autumn season for a gardener in a nutshell. If you’re a proud owner of a lawn, the procedure is quite similar:

  • Attack the Soil with a Trowel! – Armed with one of these exquisite pieces of ‘gardenery’, stab the concentrated clumps of soil until they’ve disintegrated into smaller pieces. The goal here is to even out the terrain and make space for compost and other organic additives.
  • Clean up the Leaves – And oh boy, will there be plenty of it. Nothing to say here other than – grab a rake and off you go!

Autumn Season Lawn Care

All things considered, maintaining a lush and healthy lawn isn’t really nuclear science. Just make sure to work on it patiently all year round, and you’ll be A-ok!

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