Ideal Glass Tops For Patio Tables – Get Your Patio Ready For Spring

Ideal Glass Tops For Patio Tables – Get Your Patio Ready For Spring

A Patio is a particularly separated area or spot usually located outside homes and is set out for relaxation, eating, recreational activities and many more usually during good weather.


A patio is a very important part of a house, and the fact that a patio is a spot for relaxation and recreational activities requires it to be a center of attraction to an extent. For this to happen, it has to be beautifully designed most especially with well-arranged furniture (mostly comprising of chairs and tables), as the importance of furniture in bringing out the beauty of a designated area cannot be over emphasized. A patio without great furniture is like a swimming pool without water.


The Importance Of The Furniture Of A Patio Brings Us Down To Table Tops For Patio Tables.


A table top is the part designed to be placed on the pedestal or in frames of tables. A table is nothing without its table top, as everything needed to be placed on a table cannot be without the top.


There are two types of table tops, which are glass and wood table tops. Nowadays, a whole lot of people prefer the use of glass tops in their patio, as there a couple of glaring and strong reasons why they do so. Below are some of these reasons;


1). Easy Maintenance :


They are very much easy to maintain, as one can with so much ease wipe it clean with a cloth. With this system of maintenance, one tends to have less worry about stains on the table top


2). Versatility:


Also, it has a high level of versatility, as it can be included in a variety of different patio designs and decorations. Glass tables look very great and attractive in vintage and traditional home patios, and also relatively the same in modern and contemporary spaces.


3). Protection :


Glass tops are also more preferred due to the fact that they can be added in order to protect the wooden table underneath. These table tops can be added to existing dining tables, coffee table or any other kind of tables, still bringing out the beauty in them as if when bought brand new. In addition, people can make their own table from an old door, a crate or a pallet simply crowning it with a glass top.


They Also Come In Various Beautiful Designs Enabling Them Fit In Perfectly With The Patio’s Designs.


Patio tables crowned with glass tops are a classic staple of outdoor furniture. There are majorly three types of patio table glass tops, which are; Glass sitting on a table’s pedestal, tables that possess glass covers, and patio tables in which the glass tends to sits in a metal frame.


Below is detailed information on the important features to note when getting a glass top from each of these types.


1) Tables With Glass Sitting On Top of a Pedestal:


This is the type where the glass tends to sit on the pedestal top of the table without having to fit into metal edges. Below are the specific features to be noted for this type of glass top;


a) Thickness:

For ideal tables on a pedestal, a feature of 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass thickness is required, as thicker glass tend to provide more support.


b). Glass Type :

Either clear glass, ultra-clear low-iron HDglass, bronze glass, PolarGlass, gray glass, textured glass, or frosted glass.


c). Glass Strength:

Tempered glass best for maximum safety.


d). Edges:

For outdoor patio table tops which sits on the table’s pedestal, it’s advisable to choose flat or beveled edges (note, pencil polish edges are good for round patio table tops).


2). Tables with Glass Covers:


Below are the specific features to be noted for this type of glass top;


a). Thickness :


A thickness of 1/4″ or 3/8″ is advisable so as to cover the surface, as either should be suitable for most table covers.


b). Glass Strength:


Tempered glass is the best, as when it breaks, it doesn’t smash into dangerous particles.


c). Glass Type:


Bronze or gray glass are better. Frosted or PolarGlass textured glass are also popular choices.


d). Edges:


A flat polished or beveled edge should be selected for most square table or rectangle glass table tops covers. Beveled or pencil edges for round.


rectangle glass table tops


3). Tables Where the Glass Sits in a Metal Frame:


Can be tricky. Below are the specific features to be noted for this type of glass top;


a). Thickness :


1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ thickness.


b). Glass Type :


Tempered clear glass will be fine for most tables, though acid-etched (frosted) glass or PolarGlass textured glass would blend better with the patio decoration.


c). Edges :


Flat Polished or seamed edges will both work.

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