Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands

Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands

Weddings are special for women more so because of wedding rings which always bring brides to the fore. Whenever you visit any jewelry shop, you find the majority of women shopping for wedding rings that shows how much truth is in the statement.  Moreover, when you shop for wedding bands for the groom, you have to clarify to the jeweler that you are looking for wedding bands for men. By emphasizing the word ‘for men’ to describe what kind of band it is indicates that wedding bands resonate with brides.

Of late, men have also started taking much interest in wedding bands.  Gone are the days when groom used to be indifferent about wedding bands except for treating it as a ritual for wedding ceremonies. The demand for male wedding bands is on the rise, and it has even prompted jewelers to create exclusive online stores for wedding bands for men only like the one you would find at https://www.mensweddingbands.com/.  Men have started to have their say in matters related to wedding bands for their use and would like to wear the most attractive and befitting style that can make heads turn.

  • The change that has happened

It is normal to hear that men do not put much thought nor devote time to selecting wedding bands. The extent of detachment of men from wedding bands manifests in many different ways. You could come across some men who are completely disinterested about wedding bands and would not like to say anything about it. You can find another group of men who simply do not know what options are available and stays aloof unless the circumstances compel them to spend some time for it. However, the story has gradually changed, as nowadays, it is not difficult to meet some men who are ready to discuss wedding rings and even participate in the process of selection.

These people look upon wedding bands as an essential piece of male accessory and would like to get the best out of it.  They want to explore all choices available before deciding on the metal of wedding bands that would suit them best. Read on to know how they should go ahead in selecting the metal of their choice.

  • Consider the lifestyle

 If you are helping your friend in choosing wedding bands for men, then you must look beyond rings and consider his lifestyle first. What kind of profession he is in, the activities he has to undertake daily and what kind of social mixing, hobbies and past time activities he enjoys are factors that help to determine his lifestyle. The purpose of evaluating his lifestyle in details is to determine what kind of wedding band style he would prefer and which metal would be suitable for him. The occupation or profession of the person is necessary because it helps to understand how much exposure the wedding band is likely to receive and it determines the kind of metal that would be suitable.

  • Linking lifestyle with metals

Metal Bands

If the person engages in a lot of manual work that entails the use of the palms, then the ring would receive the maximum exposure to the elements.  To withstand the rough and rugged exposure, you have to choose a metal that is hard enough and remains durable without any denting, scratching or other damages. Choosing tungsten wedding bands for such people is the right choice because it is one of the hardest metals, usually used for making industrial cutting tools.

If the person has to work on live electric lines, the threat of electric conductivity is a factor to consider. To minimize the risk of accidents from electrical exposure, use of wood or ceramic, which are non-conductors of electricity, is a good choice.

Besides the profession of the person, you must also consider his hobbies and other activities. If the person takes an interest in cars and works hands-on for maintaining it well, then the ring might easily scratch. Instead of using soft metals like gold and silver, you can think of harder and scratch resistant metals like stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, etc.  Even platinum has good scratch resistant properties, but it can be expensive. If the person is a swimmer, choose metals that have corrosion resistant properties and does not react with water and other chemicals like Chlorine.

  • Look into the style

As much it is essential to understand the lifestyle, it is equally important to consider the finer elements of the mind that revolve around aesthetics and personality.  The sense of aesthetics of the person hints at the style of wedding band that he would like. It speaks about his taste that has a link to his personality. Considering these aspects becomes vital because weddings bands not only highlight marital commitment but also demonstrates the personality and tastes of the person wearing it.

The preference of wedding rings, whether it should be classical in design or have a more modern look depends on the style sense of the person.  A half round profile of wedding bands that lend maximum comfort is an ideal choice for those who want to maintain the classical looks while a hand engraved ring in two metals can give it an ultra-modern touch.  Engraving rings with special inscriptions or messages provide a personal touch to the design and make it highly customized. The ring becomes exclusive to the person due to its design.

  • Adding personalized textures

Not only engraving, but there are other means of customizing wedding bands for men.  Depending on the choice of metal and its color, you can alter the texture of the surface to make it look exclusive.  You can have a matte texture or a hammered one that has tiny marks on the jeweler’s hammer that forms a unique design. Brushed, sandblasted and satin finishes provide special looks to wedding bands that you will not normally see around you.

Which wedding band would be good for you depends on who the person you are, what you like and how much you are willing to spend.