Is a Sleepaway Camp the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Child?

Is a Sleepaway Camp the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Child?

Every parent loves their children. But, when it comes to what’s best for them, there are certain differences of opinion. Most parents are very concerned about what their children will be doing during the summer. And, rightfully so. We all want our kids to spend more time outside, make new friends, develop their social skills and most of all, have fun. With the advent of technology, this is less likely to happen, since every parent feels like their kid only wants to play video games every day. That’s why it’s a great solution to send your kid to a sleepaway camp.


It’s a great way to use their energy


Most kids today have bottled up energy. They go to a school where they spend most of their day, and then they come home and stare at a screen. They might be learning a lot of new things about the world, but they aren’t being kids. Kids want to play games, run, and most of all, spend their energy. By being in nature, they wouldn’t have the option to zoom in on things, as they do on a screen. For example, if they’re at the Maine sleepaway camps, they’ll have to walk, gather firewood, hike, and use their legs for what they’re meant for.


Being away from technology makes kids appreciate a healthier lifestyle. It’s hard for anyone these days to be with no phone, no tablet, no computer, and no laptop. But, kids are great at adapting. They improvise instantly, and they overcome every challenge presented at them. For their time at the camp, they will help prepare their meals, do loads of physical activity and communicate with their fellow friends.


It will help them develop their social skills


This kind of experience will help them make memories for a lifetime. Being in nature is the perfect environment to connect with people. You can think of it as a weeklong course on how to make friends and get to know them quicker. And, since they are in an entirely new place in nature, they will be more than willing to connect on a more personal level with their newly formed friends.


No one has got anywhere to be, and everyone is a lot calmer when they are in a camp. Some of their fondest memories will be sitting near a campfire and telling stories. Or, stargazing and discussing their lives, friendships, experiences, and even more stories. These experiences will develop into skills that your child could use later in life. Read more here:


It helps their confidence rise and makes them mature faster


When they come back from camp, it will be like looking at a whole new person. No matter how short a while, being away from their parents means a great deal for them. They’re outside of their comfort zone, and they will unnoticeably learn the most needed skills of our time. These include critical thinking, learning how to overcome losses, how and when to take risks, as well as dealing with adversity.


For many challenges and games, they will need to communicate and collaborate with their group members. This will force their inner leader out where it can shine the most. They will be able to push both themselves, and their teammates to achieve a specific goal, solve a problem, or win a game. This could make them stand out as a role model to their fellow teammates. Click here to read more.


As well as that, it shows them a new chapter in life. Sooner or later, they’ll have to learn how to become more independent. The faster they learn how to deal with it, the faster they’ll mature. When your kid goes camping, it’s as it grows and develops without your help. Eventually, they’ll have to go their own way and live their own life, so starting earlier will better prepare both you and them for the future.


A few final words


Camping is a way to return to the old days. It’s a rustic experience, and there’s something especially good about forgoing a lot of the technology we use today. It’s not super comfortable, but your kids will enjoy where they are, and feel empowered by it.