Keep Your Horses Happily Stand on A Comfortable Mat!

Keep Your Horses Happily Stand on A Comfortable Mat!

In racecourses, the health of the horse matters and the owners are very much sentimental about it. Horse stables are place where we keep are valuable horses comfortable. But at times they may not get sufficient sunlight and that can that can make the floors of the stable wet or damp that may cause fungus and bacteria’s to grow and in return, it can harm your horses. Therefore, applying a mat on the stable floor is a good idea. Finding the best horse stable mats is very important because the health of the horse will be dependent on that. Many varieties of such mats are available in the market and one needs to choose the best mat among all of it.


Keep Your Horse Comfortable 


Horses mostly spend their day standing on the floor and they face pain in the procedure. Most of the horses even sleep while standing on the floor. Like humans, they also face strain and pain during the whole day, but they cannot tell it to anybody. The animals face huge problems throughout the day and hence the owners need to look for something comforting for their pets. If the floor is covered with horse stable mats, the animals will feel the comfort throughout the day. It is important for you to make sure that your pet is safe and away from any type of hardship.


Choose A Mat Fit for Your Use


No matter which type floor mat you use, a certain composition of mud will be seen on the floor. So when you have mushy floors the horses will lose their grips. Suppose you use a rubber mat that has slippery upper part, the mud composition will not allow the horse stable mats to stand on its feet for long. Hence it is important for the owner to choose a type of flooring according to the need of the horse. The caretaker of the horse would be the perfect person to speak about it. So choose the correct mat according to the need and use that on the floor.


Know the Replacement Policy


These horse stable mats are available in plenty. One can easily locate a mat in an online shop. Online shops are filled with lots of options and hence one need to choose the mat accordingly. While choosing the mat ask for the return and replace facility of the online portal. The mat you see on the online portal may not be the same delivered at your doorstep and in that case, you need to change it. For that purpose, ask the sales personnel of the company to help you get the best product for your use and know the details of replacing the policy of the company as well.

Types of Flooring Mats Available for Stables:


Three main types of mats used are:


  1. Portable mats:

These mats are portable, light weight, durable and interlock system is also available.  This is very much comfortable for the horses. The horse stable mats are widely available and easily affordable and hence people use this product in plenty.


  1. Amoebic rubber matting:

This rubber matting is very much comfortable for your horse. The upper portion of the horse stable mats is filled with Amoeba pattern that makes it comfortable for the horse to stand on it. The reverse side of the mat is amazingly firm and hence it won’t slip from its position. The non-slippery characteristic is something one should go for. The reverse side of the mat is very much helpful to drain out the water deposited in the room.


  1. Light weight rubber mats

These mats are very popular, and they are very widely used because they can be comfortably removed and cleaned.