Key Signs of Neurotic Behavior

Key Signs of Neurotic Behavior

Most people may have neurotic behaviour but fail to realize it. What is being neurotic? For one, you need to understand that neurotic is not exactly something that can be defined as a medical condition. No, it is more of a personality trait. Diving into it, neurotic behaviour can simply be defined as the tendency to be in a negative or anxious emotional state for an extended period. People with neurotic behaviour also tend to be more depressed, hold much anger, envy, guilt and other negative feelings.


Unfortunately, it may be hard for you to know if you are neurotic. As a result, you may end up frustrating people even without noticing. There are over 20 examples and signs of neurotic behaviour. However, this article is only going to discuss five of them.


  1. Irritability


This is the most prevalent of them all. General irritability might be a sign that you are neurotic. This means that you get irritated or bothered by the smallest of issues. For instance, you find that you cannot stand how someone eats; you really hate it when someone steps on your grass and you wonder why people cannot just shut up.


  1. Road rage


This might also be a good sign that you are neurotic. Well, people can be quite annoying on the roads. However, if every motorist get under your skin, then that should be a concern.


  1. Obsession with your child’s safety


Some neurotic behaviour manifests itself in parenting. Some parents tend to be overly anxious about the safety of their child. They will not let kids be kids. Their obsession might end up interfering with their childhood. This is because they end up restricting the kids from doing or going to places where they do not consider safe. The unfortunate part is that you might find that there is totally nothing wrong. This can frustrate the children and end up making them self-conscious.


  1. Guilty behaviour


As aforementioned. One of the signs that an individual is experiencing neurotic is when they exhibit feelings of guilt even in areas that they should not. You will find that such people will overly apologize for things that are not also their fault.


Something really minor will make them avoid eye contact or spend the whole day apologising.



  1. Perfectionism


Perfectionism is one of the signs that scream neurotic behaviour. Well, everyone wants to be good at whatever they do. They want to be able to make metred corners in their beds, make the best sandwich and so on. For a person with neurotic behaviour, it is different. It becomes an obsession.


They will not sit down and watch something not being done correctly. They want to arrange the dishes in a particular order; their clothes need to be folded in a certain way and so on. This can significantly impact their daily lives. How? Such people end up taking more time to complete a task than it would typically require.


The five signs above combined may help you identify neurotic behaviour. Standing individually, it may not necessarily mean that a person is neurotic.