Know the Sizes Before You Go for Skip Bin Hire

Know the Sizes Before You Go for Skip Bin Hire

Skip bin hire is an affordable and convenient solution for waste removal for many reasons and many circumstances. Numerous configurations, sizes, and shapes are available for skips suitable for numerous tasks. However, there are certain limitations as well as restrictions regarding the usage of skips and skip bin hire. Sometimes, some other alternatives may be found as a better alternative to skip bin hire.

  • Different Sizes of the skips is important before you go for skip bin hire: According to the amount of waste to be produced, the size of the skip will vary. A mini or midi skip is ideal for smaller jobs are most popular for domestic usage or smaller improvement task at home such as- bathroom refit or garden clearance. As these skips are small, they are the cheapest. The commercial clients need larger skips, as they need to throw a huge amount of waste disposal. These skips with higher capacity are known as builders or maxi skips, as they are larger.

For industrial jobs, roll-on-roll skips are best suited.

  • What can be and can’t be thrown into a skip?
    There are certain items that you cannot throw in skip bin. These include most solid and electronic wastes. But there is also a generic idea about the items that you can throw. The things which are allowed to be thrown are-soil, rubble, wood, domestic waste, plastic, metal, furniture, organic waste, cardboard and the item’s which won’t be allowed by the skip are- electric items, fluorescent bulbs, medical waste, hazardous waste like explosives, asbestos, compressed gas cylinders.
  • Knowing the sizes before Skip Bin Hire: Hiring a skip bin is the most cost-effective and convenient option if you need to get rid of a considerable amount of rubbish. The company will itself deliver the skip and then pick up the waste. But before ordering it, you must consider the correct size as per your requirement. There are certain criteria depending on which you can select the right size of the skip easily. This decision is important because ordering the wrong size can prove to be inconvenient for you and the project you are handling can be held up if you are not able to get rid of the waste. There is an extensive range of rubbish disposal units available in the market, so accurately assess the amount of rubbish expected to be produced from the project so that you can derive a better idea of the size of the skip you are going to need. Here is a brief idea, which is useful to make your decision: –

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  • If you need the skip for DIY jobs, domestic jobs, go for the mini or a small skip. These skips hold 25 bin bags.
  • A medium skip or a large skip is suitable for bulkier and heavier waste. So, it is mainly suitable for the jobs of the commercial builders and larger These come with three options- open, drop end and enclosed. These hold around maximum 40 refuse bags.
  • If you are going for skip bin hire for the purpose of big and industrial jobs, then you should go for RO or RO waste container. These hold around 400 bin bags.

You can get multiple materials like wood, plastic, and steel for the bin hire for your commercial or domestic project. If you are disposing industrial waste, you can use aluminum and rustproof skip bin, which do not get corroded. Also, when you go for skip bin hire, take notice of extreme weather conditions, and also be careful when you transport chemical components inside the bins.