Learn about the Problems that Are Encountered by the Startups

Learn about the Problems that Are Encountered by the Startups

Advertising technology is today a growing industry that is full of thrilling changes and brilliant opportunities for boosting startups. However, with the possibility of success come added responsibilities and challenges. It is not always a rosy picture while establishing a startup and the going could get pretty tough at times because of several reasons. Many startups often face several challenges and they often perish away because of these issues and obstacles. Here are some problems that startups often encounter.

Money Matters

Maintaining a steady cash flow could be the greatest issue. In plain and simple language, you need ready money. You could be in real trouble in most cases but if you are fortunate enough to have constant cash flows from investors and sales, your business could prosper. You could be perpetually encountering money issues causing delays in product roll-outs, the hiring of key staff, and for starting the operations in a new office.

You would require the loan for startup and product development or funding software, marketing, and office space. A startup requires focusing all its energies on building the new business but unfortunately, these money issues are constantly coming in the way and startup is compelled to go for cost reduction and shedding of staff.

Neglecting Sales or Marketing

Some startups face grave issues when they have failed to dedicate adequate resources to the sales and marketing of the products. They often rely on the word of mouth. The lack of endorsement results in less profit and thus the business faces an abrupt halt.

Cyber Security

We are living in the digital era and surviving here could require you to be extremely alert and agile in combating online security threats and security breaches. Remember hackers are present everywhere and they are on the lookout for any loopholes so that they could take advantage of them. The actual rate of all these cybercrimes have gone up drastically in the past two years or so. The cybercrime rates are bound to rise even during the next few years as per projections by the experts. This sort of an unauthorized access or security breach could be compromising sensitive information, bank accounts, employee records, and other such relevant information.

For safeguarding the vital online data, startups must concentrate on a military-grade and a robust security system. You could opt for a VPN connection or the virtual private network that would be safeguarding the vital information, employee records etc. by providing data security and encryption to all the employees.


The marketplace is already crowded and it is unlikely that you will be skating by without any competition even if your product is brand new and in an obscure segment. It is a lot tougher to establish yourself in an already established market, though, where big players have already set the course for how the game is to be played. You will have to study the market and be willing to make smart decisions and pivot if necessary to survive in the modern market.

Missing Out on a Mentor

Great ideas remain great ideas but fail to become industry-changing ideas if you lack the experience and expert guidance to make them go the distance. This is where you need a mentor, someone who has already seen the ins and outs of the industry and can make valuable contributions to your endeavors. A common factor that unites most if not all successful companies in the world are the presence of an industry insider or an expert to help them navigate the turbulent waters and see their idea through to success.

Poor Management

This is perhaps the biggest killer of startups. Companies with excellent ideas and amazing potential might breeze through the initial stages but find themselves in over their head when the operations scale or the environment changes. A lot of innovators are poor managers and that isn’t something to be ashamed of. If you think you’re out of your depth, it is still your job to find someone who isn’t and can tide the company over because they are more suited to a managerial role. This needs to be done sooner rather than later because damage control is impossible in late stages.

The Absence of Proper Planning

We have seen many startups have perished because of a lack of an effective planning. If you forget to chalk out a plan or did not include all the vital elements in your plan, things would go haywire. You need to focus on key areas such as staffing, sales, skills shortage, development, and even funding.

You need to execute the business plan but you must have the flexibility to tackle changes if events take an unanticipated turn. Remember contingency planning is critical to the success of your business.

Identifying the Best Staff

Certain skills and qualifications are essential for the smooth functioning, growth, and survival of your business. You must do thorough research and a lot of homework. You must have a clear understanding of the skill-set you are looking for. You must also know where you would be finding the right employees who are skilled and ready for your business. Often your insistence to find the right people may lead to wastage of time or improper time management. It may culminate in serious bottlenecks and may end up delaying the product roll-outs.

You may have employed the services of certain wrong people, and so their deficiencies are quite evident in the manner how your business is actually progressing, particularly, if they are involved in the wrong roles. This is the reason why cracks appear when the business is expanding. Hire the best people to cater to your unique requirements so that they could appreciate and comprehend the issues and get rid of them in a timely fashion.


The fact remains, that all startups would be encountering obstacles and challenges. However, with careful planning and dedication, all of these challenges could be overcome. Startups must definitely pursue innovation and perfection but they could be swayed by new projects, technology, and markets. Never lose sight of your goal for achieving success.

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