The Lederhosen Culture- a Better Understanding for a Newbie

The Lederhosen Culture- a Better Understanding for a Newbie

Usually, one of the most common things that people associate Germany with automatically is the authentic, traditional German costumes. Most people have a big misconception about the people of Germany. Most people do not realize this but yes, there was a time when the traditional lederhosen and dirndl were worn on a daily basis, but now, things are no longer the same. Dirndl and lederhosen costumes are no longer costumes people wear in Bavaria every day.

For the most part, Bavarians wear these costumes only on special events or occasions, but you will also find die-hard fans of Bavarian culture wear these costumes at Oktoberfest, to let others know that they are proud of their culture and heritage. However, you should not feel surprised when you see even tourists flaunt their costume!

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The Rich Tracht History

The Bavarian costume goes by as the name “tracht.” Typically, men wear the lederhosen, which is short, knee-length leather shorts that reach the knee-length. When you attend Oktoberfest, the German beer festival, you will see so many people wear these costumes, and this is just one of the reasons that make the festival so thrilling.

The inception of the tracht culture actually dates back to about 1626. In that year, the Bavarian prince Maximilian I was the first to establish a dress code to distinguish the rank of people in a society. The dress code was to divide the society, and this would help to distinguish common peasants, townspeople, traders, knights, minor aristocracy, merchants, and lords.

During the 1800s, this dress code experienced a steady decline, and more people turned to other dressing styles. Eventually, the lederhosen costume was no longer a trendy one and later faded away. Today, this costume is a leisurewear, and people wear it throughout Bavaria.

For the Men

The German term lederhosen actually means short leather pants. Hence, when you go to buy a Lederhosen For Sale, you are investing in leather pants/trousers. These traditionally, are worn with knee-high socks, or the Loferl two version socks (a leg warmer for the calf, and ankle-length socks). The costume needs a shirt, often plain. However, as trends are changing, the younger generation prefers checkered shirts in various colors. If you decide to go for the full costume, you will also need to invest in leather suspenders (but this is optional).

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Keep in mind that the “authentic” lederhosen must be genuine suede leather (deerskin/goatskin) it would be slightly expensive. It should have intricate embroidered details on the suspenders, sometimes to show which region you actually are coming to attend the festival. To complete their authentic look, hardcore Bavarian fans who appreciate the Bavarian heritage also prefer to choose other accessories like hats featuring gamsbarthair that comes from the chamois. These hats may be slightly more expensive, but they do look great. Some men also complete their look wearing vests of contrasting color. Depending on the weather, if you invest in one, make sure that it complements the color of your lederhosen.

Talking about the color of the costume, you should go for trendy picks, including shades like black, browns and some lighter color variations. Make sure the shoes you choose also complement the costume.

A Style Tip

There’s a bit of a nasty tip that actually works wonders and lets the locals believe that you are actually a part of them. The rougher the costume appears, the more it gets the vintage look. Some men even go as far as to ignore washing them. The dirtier the costume appears, the more the life of the leather extends.

Before you attend Oktoberfest this year, make sure that you search well for traditional lederhosen. Look for the features that make it original and you can flaunt the best one.