List of Drinks That Are Good for Your Health

List of Drinks That Are Good for Your Health

Taking care of your teeth is really important because the future problems that one has to face can be really dangerous. This is why it is said that one should take extra dental care in order to avoid any problems. Getting proper dental care early on in life is really important so that proper dental care can be taken. The ideal age to start orthodontic treatment is between 7-9 years.

You can have treatment later on as well but in this age, an orthodontist is able to identify and remove any potential problems that a child may encounter in orthodontic treatment before they start losing their baby teeth.

The health of your teeth depends a lot on what you eat and drink. Then there are certain drinks that are bad for your teeth and can cause problems for you.

However, there are drinks that can help you maintain that proper smile on your face. This is why it is recommended that one should have minimum consumption of beverages like soda as they have a negative effect on your teeth. We will now take you through some of the beverages that can help you protect your teeth for a longer period of time.




Water is that one drink that probably doesn’t have any side effects and benefits almost every body part. Water not only keeps you hydrated all the time but it also starts to provide you with good dental health. Sugary drinks lead to tooth decay but with water that is not the case to be. There is no sugar in water hence there is no tooth decay. Water also helps to remove all the particles that are there in between your teeth after you have eaten something.

All these particles are removed as you drink water and as a result risk of having cavities in your teeth is also reduced. Water contains fluoride that helps to rebuild the enamel of the teeth. It is recommended that one should take about 8 oz of water daily but the intake can be different for every other person.




Calcium and phosphate provide you with sufficient amount of energy to strengthen the enamel of your teeth. You can get both these minerals by drinking milk which is considered to be a great source of energy to help you maintain strong teeth. The caseins and proteins present in milk form a protective layer over your enamel so that your teeth are more resistant to decay. While intake can water is slightly different for every person, milk intake needs to be different because of the age factor. Milk contains sugar naturally hence babies and small kids shouldn’t be given milk throughout the day as sugar intake can lead to tooth decay.


Clear Tea


Clear tea functions just like water when it comes to teeth. This particular drink helps you to get rid of any food particles that might have stuck in between your teeth thus reducing the risk of having cavities. The drink also helps to fight against any gum disease in your teeth with people drinking it having fewer chances of having gum recession and bleeding. Studies have also found out that clear tea reduces the risk of having oral cancer which some of the other drinks are not capable of doing.

It is advised that one should have clear tea without the addition of sugar and honey as both these components can lead to having bacteria in your teeth. Having bottled clear tea is not advised as there are some components in it that are not good for your teeth and can be harmful.


Real Fruit Juice


The real fruit juice that is beneficial for your teeth are the ones that are made up of natural fruits specifically non-acidic. The fruit juice that you find in bottles is not recommended as it contains sugar and other components that can cause damage to your teeth. It is advised that one should make juice at home and avoid getting juice from outside.

Juices having a noticeable amount of chunks or pulps are real juice and they can be consumed for better protection of teeth. Some of the fruit juice that you can have is apple and pear juice as they are the most beneficial for the health of your teeth.


Commercial Juicer Machine


Root Beer


Everyone knows for a fact that sodas are really harmful to your teeth. Thus it is recommended that if you want to consume soda than have root beer which is natural. The beer is low in sugar and acidity that doesn’t damage your teeth, unlike the other sodas that you consume. Root beer has been declared as the safest drink for your teeth by the World Dental. It is advised that one should drink root beer with the help of straw so that there is minimal contact of the drink and your teeth.

Incorporating these drinks in your daily life can really help you to improve the health of your teeth. Brushing your teeth twice a day and visiting a dentist every six months can help you save your teeth from bacteria, cavities, and gums.


Coconut Water


It’s good for you and it brings you to a tropic island in the first sip. Coconut water can be a bit high in sugar at times. So it shouldn’t be consumed like normal water.

However, it is a good source for getting your protein, fiber, and carbs.

There’s a ton of various options out there when it comes to keeping the right coconut water. Simple Coconut Water is usually considered as one of the best. It’s the only ingredient is pure coconut water and it’s 100 percent natural and never heated by pasteurization. You’re getting the purest and freshest coconut water.


Almond milk


A popular dairy choice, almond milk really has many health advantages. You can drink almond milk singly, throw it in coffee or even in your smoothies. Almond milk is made by mixing almonds with water then filtering the mixture from there.

Unlike your usual glass of milk, almond milk has no cholesterol. According to Livestrong, many Americans over 20 have cholesterol rates that are too high which can give to heart issues.

But that’s not all. Almond milk is also 50 percent lower in calories than cow’s milk, making it an outstanding health drink.


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Now you understand that which drink is great for you. This should help you to make your fitness good.

Thanks for running with us in this article you get must information about various drinks and you can decide the best drink for yourself.


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