List of Foods That Boost Your Brain Power

List of Foods That Boost Your Brain Power

Many people when go for losing weight complain about memory problems and lower brain power. This is as a result of low sugar consumption and the essential food requirements of the brain. People who tend to starve themselves for the purpose of weight loss face this condition more often than do people who go for a properly planned diet schedule.


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There’s no pharmaceutical magic spell to help you reverse the condition once your brain function begins to decline and the failure in proper functionality arises. Diets can be one reason for brain degeneration however, there are other reasons for it as well. And we all can be at risk. For people who make it to the age of 86, the chances of them developing Alzheimer’s diseases increases by about 40-50%.




Your food choices do not only control your physical appearance or the happenings inside your body, but they also control the nurturing of a healthy brain. This is why food choices are given high importance.


Below, there is a list of superfoods for your brain. These foods are low in calories hence, won’t ruin your diet routine as well.


1- Walnuts.


Walnuts are considered as the healthiest snacks and health experts suggest people to go for walnuts instead of biscuits, packet chips or other such unhealthy snacks.


Walnuts are also known to be of great benefit for the brain. How? This has been answered below.


Walnuts are a blend of manganese, omega-3-fatty acids, copper along with vitamin E. All these prove to work effectively in the improvement of your brain power. Moreover, the presence of of-of fibre is also highly supportive of the bacteria present in the gut.


2- Broccoli.


Green veggies are always known for their detoxifying power. The benefits that green vegetables provide to the heart are also worth admiration. However, broccoli plays a role in helping the brain too. The anti-inflammatory properties of broccoli and the destruction of radicals (Free) that are damage causing help in making the functionality of the brain efficient.


3- Almonds.


You might have commonly heard that eating almonds can improve your memory. And yes, science has proved that your moms have always been right. Almonds have the presence of all the goodness that walnuts have, including vitamin E and omega-3-fatty acids. So all the benefits that the walnuts provide you, almonds do too. So, be sure to eat some with your breakfast.


4- Coconut oil.


If you want to improve the power of your brain, switch to coconut oil and reach for it often.


Saturated fats are a component which makes the brain membrane work really efficiently and well, coconut oils have the presence of saturated fats. Along with this, it also improves the efficiency of the brain neurons and helps improve the utilization of energy.


5- Coffee and tea.


Do you know that your morning cup of coffee or tea is also helping in the boost of your brain power?


Although the high consumption of caffeine can be for sure dangerous. However, caffeine in the right amount benefits the brain and this was proved by experimentation in the year 2014.


The immune system


The immune system is the army of your body. Fighting against any foreign agent. As soon as the agent enters your body, the immune system reacts by releasing the antibodies. The antibodies surround and kill the agent. The immune system includes certain organs, cells as well as tissues. Proteins are also included in the immune system.


A strong immune system means a healthy person. A stronger immune system means that the body’s natural defence system is so strong that he/she is least affected by any disease-causing agents. Therefore, the concern towards making the immune system stronger has been increasing by people who are health concerned.




Incorporation of certain foods in the diets helps in making the immune system stronger. Moreover, certain activities can also help in boosting the immune system.


Some of these have been enlisted below:


1- Dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate is about 70% cocoa. Dark chocolates have been known to be the heart’s best friend. But do you know that dark chocolate also aids in the boost of metabolism due to its antioxidant properties?


Yes. The dark chocolate has the presence of antioxidants. Dark chocolate fights against free radicals which can be disease-causing due to the damage that they might cause to your cells.


NOTE: Dark chocolate, however, must be eaten in a controlled amount.


2- Be sure to absorb some sunrays.


Staying out in the sun for 15 minutes can be really helpful. We all know that the sunlight can help cause the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D, in turn, helps provide immunity against the different respiratory diseases. However, be sure not to go too crazy and bake yourself in the sun. 15 minutes in contact with the moderately warm sunlight is ideal.


3- Manage your stress.


Do you know that stress is also related to your immune system?


The high secretion of the hormone named cortisol can be very dangerous as it slows down the immune system and makes it work less efficiently. If your brain continually faces a stress situation and stays under pressure, the hormone secretion elevates which results with suppression of the immune system.


4- Consume garlic.


Have you ever been told to consume garlic if you want to prevent a cold?


Although, the relation of how it helps strengthen the immune system is not as clear.


5- Intake of vitamin C.


Say no to respiratory tract infections with the consumption of vitamin C. You need to consume citrusy fruits for the proper intake of vitamin C. It also helps provide prevention against diarrhoea along with pneumonia. Healing of wounds is also facilitated by vitamin C.

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