List of Things a Car Owner Should Check Before and After Car Service

List of Things a Car Owner Should Check Before and After Car Service

Nowadays, when every car needs servicing after definite miles of travel, so then we go to service center and hand over for car service. But how do we know that our car needs servicing?


You can identify the following five signs in your car, which shows that your car needs servicing


  • Getting a warning signal in engine dashboard in your car
  • Car is making strange or loud noises
  • Smoke or steam ejected from the bonnet
  • You feel the vibration on pressing brake
  • You feel discomfort while driving


Any of the above may be the symptoms which show that a need for car service and if you will not service it soon, then some severe problem occurs in your car.


Things You Need to Observe During Car Servicing


#1. Your engine oil, oil filter, and air filter should change


Engine oil and oil filter are required to give a healthy life to your engine. So, you should have to check on yourself that service center varies these things or not. Otherwise, old dirty engine oil makes wear and tear in the engine and give a lot of heat to the engine which is harmful.


#2. Check your spark plug if it needs to be changed


A spark plug is used to ignite the fuel in the engine and then burning of fuel gives energy in the form of heat to the piston, and your car finally runs. So, if your spark plug is not in good condition, then you can face the problem in starting a car. So, you should have to replace your spark plug, if needed.


#3. Inspect lights and indicators in your car


Lights in the car are useful during driving in nights, or foggy weather and indicator are an essential part of a car which is used to give the signal to people that you want to take any turn on the road or not.


#4. Test your brakes


Do not depend on your mechanic that he would change your brake pads which worn or tear out and creating moderate braking at any instants. So firstly, take a test drive of your car before giving it for servicing and if you find your brake work slow then tell your mechanic to change your brake pad and fix it accurately. If your transmission or power steering lubricant gets burned, then replace it.


#5. Check your tires


Tyre are the legs of a car which helps a car to maintain proper contact on any road and passenger get a comfortable ride. So, you have to inspect your tyre before servicing and if needed, then replace them with a new one.


Things you should Specifically Check after Car Service


  • Itemized bill: After servicing of your car, you should check the itemized bill of yours and compare it with the price list of car service center if any ambiguity occurs then ask the center owner to clear your doubts.


  • Coolant and braking oil: You should inspect the availability of coolant and braking oil in your car which helps your car to be free from excess heat and wear-tear.


  • Toolkit or boot: For the safety of customer, it is advised that you should check your tool kit or boot and personal document which you left in your car before you go for car service in the center.


  • Fuel level: You should have to note the level of fuel in your car after and before the servicing. You can match those values after car service, and if they are matched then it’s good that means there is no stealing of fuel from your car. But if there is a huge difference in those values and it did not match then you should report for it.




If you want to experience a smooth ride after your car service, then you should follow the above tips. Car servicing is a vital process which keeps your car healthy and safe.