Make Your Home Office More Zen with These Useful Tips

Make Your Home Office More Zen with These Useful Tips

Did you decide to start working from home because you could no longer stand the hustle and bustle of busy workplaces? Having a home office means that you can avoid all the noise and traffic by not having to share your space with other people. However, you still have to put some thought into designing this space. To make it less stressful and more Zen, take a look at our suggestions.


Declutter the room


If you are lucky enough to have a room you can completely dedicate to your work, then you should get rid of all distractions. Consider minimalism. For example, start with removing everything from the room, and then add things one by one. You need a desk and a chair, ergonomic if possible. Furthermore, depending on the work you do, you might need some practical storage. Of course, you cannot forget about task lights for when it gets dark.


Let natural light in


While we are on the topic of light, natural light will be your best friend in achieving a positive atmosphere. Hopefully, your office has a window. If not, think about your options of adding one; consider a skylight. Natural light can boost our mood and make us more productive, and isn’t that what we all want while working? You can look for curtains that are sheer but do not allow glare on your screen. If you cannot find a way to add a window, at least invest in light bulbs that emit natural-looking light. Furthermore, having a window that opens will provide you with plenty of fresh air and that can help you avoid headaches and feel more relaxed.


Introduce plants


In addition to having natural light, fresh air and potentially a nice view from your window, introducing plants into your office space is another way to create a natural setting. Various plants can clear out the toxins from the air as well as increase the level of oxygen. In case you think you will not have enough time to take care of them, you can go for low-maintenance varieties. You can even opt for artificial ones; while they will not help you clean the air, just the presence of greenery can be beneficial.


Include inspirational décor


In addition to artificial plants, you can also decide to put up pictures of nature. Whether it’s landscapes, beaches or flowers, these Zen images can let your creativity flow and your mind recenter. You can also print motivational posters and put them up around the space, and think of them as your mantras for the day. Furthermore, adding scented candles or oil diffusers can also create a mindful atmosphere.


Add a water feature


To feel closer to nature, you can turn to another important aspect of the Zen philosophy – water. While you cannot implement a huge fountain or waterfall into your office, you can look into some smaller options. The good thing here is that you can go down the DIY route or look in shops in your area or online for a mini desk waterfall. Running water can help with problem-solving and brainstorming which is very useful when we are trying to deal with an issue.


Home Office More Zen


Set the right temperature


To achieve optimal work conditions, you also have to consider the temperature of your home office. If you have an AC unit to keep you cool or warm, you have to make sure it runs properly. Turn to professionals from Farran Heit Air Conditioning every once in a while for regular maintenance. When you know your device is in good condition, it will be much easier to find that pleasant office temperature that suits you.


On top of all this, make sure your family knows that you are working and that you should not be disturbed and in case you live in a busy household, invest in noise-canceling headphones. You should do everything in your power to eliminate stress in order to be more productive, and starting with these suggestions is bound to help you.


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