Make Your Studying More Fun

Make Your Studying More Fun

For many a student, studying is a must, a heavy burden and an exhausting, time-consuming responsibility that can’t possibly be interesting and fun. This might be true if we’re speaking of traditional methods, but fortunately, there are numerous gamification tricks that can boost your learning and make your studying a joy and success.

The gamification process involves incorporating incentives in such a way that it encourages useful behaviour such as concentration, interest and information retention. Since most traditional methods are ineffective, here are several innovative and amusing measures you can take to uplift your learning.

Partner up in a study group

Preparing for exams can be very stressful and going through it alone can make it even worse. Having someone there to share your ups and down might just make the whole thing easier. It could be only one study buddy or even a whole group joining you in solidarity and sharing the experiences.

You can also benefit from the experiences of complete strangers who had been through the same trouble before you and left their notes for future generations. For instance, you can use Deakin past exams and have a quick access to valuable information regarding your course, which will significantly expedite your studying and exam preparation.

Use self-reward and penalisation

The amount of studying for one exam can be overwhelming at times so it’s a good idea to set short-term goals and apply the strategy of reward or penalisation depending on your achievements. For example, if you miss a deadline or lose concentration, put a dollar to a charity of your choice or do a hateful chore. On the contrary, if you accomplish your goal, treat yourself by going to the cinema or having your favourite chocolate. The idea of a pleasant or unpleasant consequence should increase your motivation to keep on going.

Make study sheets

If you encounter areas or chapters you keep struggling with, put them all on a study sheet and hang it up in a place where you spend a lot of your time. Make it a habit to read it over every time you pass it by and it will soon be stuck in your mind like a song you’ve heard a million times and eventually learned it by heart– a proper earworm.

Take tests and quizzes

Taking quizzes and tests works particularly well in a study group since you can test each other and encourage a competitive spirit, motivate one another and learn useful information while having fun.

This also works if you study on your own – create flash cards and question cards for each goal and when you finish studying one section, test yourself. This will improve your focus and increase your motivation as well as your self-confidence when you notice that you’re making step-by-step progress each day.

Role play

If you’re in a study group, doing role plays is probably the most dynamic and fun way to go over a difficult study matter. A little bit of acting, impersonation, funny accents and historical costumes can turn any hard topic into loads of fun, lift your spirits and make learning easier.

Even the most enthusiastic and hard-working students can find learning boring and uninspiring at times. With these tips, you’ll be able to boost your productivity, introduce novelty that will break your routine and turn the dullest matter into unforgettable moments. No one says that learning is easy, but if you approach it form a positive stand, it can definitely become a rewarding experience.