Mirror Fasts’ Help Take the Focus off Yourself

Mirror Fasts’ Help Take the Focus off Yourself

Mirrors are attractive things but people tend to be glued to them sometimes to have an obsession with mirrors. They could avoid looking at their body images and not be obsessed with the images while not taking a look at the mirrors for a small period of time. People engage themselves in experiments with their bodies and end up being going crazy about their self-image by looking constantly into the mirror. How dull or exciting the world becomes while not looking into the mirrors? A life without mirrors for some people could be fun, let us see how mirror fasts can help you take the focus off yourself?

What is Mirror Fasting?

Mirror fasting involves not looking into the mirror for a specific or set period of time, it can be a day-long fast or it can be weeks or months or even a year before you look into your own image into the mirror. A lot of people have been experimenting about not looking into mirrors and knowing and sharing quite a few interesting things about it on their blogs and newspapers. Does it usually impede working through body images issues?

Interesting Experiments of Mirror Fast

Judging from the experiences of many women and men doing mirror fasting in the recent years, it looks like that the trend of mirror fasting is growing tremendously. For example, a 30 year old blogger who stopped looking into the mirror wrote in his blog in United States that mirror fasting quickly helped me to stop worrying about me and helped out of the self-obsessed thoughts’ can assume other can think the same way. The large wall mirror or small one can enhance the beauty of your walls but it can force you to stare into it for longer time.

Another woman in United States wrote that she had many goals and friends in life including her mirror. But suddenly she stated to give attention more to her friends, family and passions instead of looking into the mirror and always thinking about herself. The mirror used to attract a lot of her energy and attention, now the energy was focused on her goals rather than her looks. A lot more similar examples of people in USA have helped to know that those who experimented with mirror fast saw themselves more clearly in the real life as compared to before.

That true fact is that mirrors actually help us to take part in fashion, dating and even getting ready for a party or an `. Now if we suddenly see somebody who is obsessed with the mirror and they are told not to look into the mirror for a long time, they would be terrified.  The mirror fasting job is challenging and there is no way to assess how we look.

A medical correspondent also wrote about the entire issue open heartedly; in an industry like today, it is not possible to ignore one’s looks and self-image. The industry is shaped in a way that everyone wants to look better and is worried about their appearance.

What psychologists Say about Mirror Fasting

They psychologists provide a deeper analysis and insights on the most challenging role of mirror fasting which plays an important role on the psychology of women. On the other hand, we feel we should be beyond such a superficial belief that women have gone way too far to get obsessed with a mirror. But the simple truth is that the appearance of a person really matters in every department of life and it is hard to stay away from looking into a mirror for a prolonged period of time. The media and fashion industry provides us a continuous message that we are trapped into a beauty paradox in the twenty-first century.

Psychologists explain the reason why mirror is such an addiction among people of various ages; it is very hard to look away from the mirror for a month, a week or even two days. Reports from the exercise trainers prove that those who see their visual images and face clearly do a better job in the exercise and bodybuilding, same goes for the beauty professionals. A professional lady in Australia stopped looking at herself in the mirror and it changed her own perception about herself. At first fast, the exercise was quite embarrassing, but at the second time around, she fasted again for two days and it also helped her change her self-image.

The dazzling fact is that mirror fast allow you to focus on more important things in life; so when the things go normal, you feel encouraged about yourself even without too much mirror madness. It makes people realize how much they depend on and use mirror throughout their lives, mirror don’t always make the things go well, but they sure create an obsession of using it hundred times a day and still not feel confident about yourself. Being honest with yourself is what psychologists describe as a vital quality for agility in happenings of daily life.

A psychology student in San Francisco reveals that restraining from mirror looking several times daily provided her more space. She surprisingly completed her one-year long mirror fasting which was unbelievable and fantastic for her life improvement. It is a bit hard into imagine for a woman to be away from the mirror for a year long, but she did the incredible. While abstaining from mirror during a year, she discovered a myriad of interesting things in her life. The energy she used to give to her looks was now being converted into doing productive and interesting things that excited her more than her body image.

The Final Saying

Instead of ruthlessly criticizing your body image several times a day, the psychologists prefer enduring the pain of mirror fasting for a short period of time to a longer one. The agile benefits of this miraculous practice is that women do not get frustrated with their body image or figure. Trying to figure out all the time whether your leg was to short or your is to big is nothing more than wasting your time in front of the mirror again and again. Therefore the psychologists prefer not to look into the mirror for a long time and take a little break.