Modern Event Furniture to Buy This Season Calls for Some Expert Tips

Modern Event Furniture to Buy This Season Calls for Some Expert Tips

The aesthetic appeal and grandeur of any event, whether private or professional, can be easily enhanced by choosing the right furniture and décor. Though comfort and durability are certain mainstays, due attention must be given to the colours, themes and design of event furniture. While some furniture designs are timeless, there are some modern event furniture to buy that we would absolutely recommend this season. Here’s our take on what we see brewing in the space of event furniture that is sure to elicit curiosity from our readers.


Tips on Modern Event Furniture Choices


Replace Neutral with Bright Colors- Bespoke furniture pieces for indoor and outdoor events have been adopting various hues of greys, mauves and whites. Bright coloured event furniture is certainly passé. Modern event furniture is consistently being fashioned as minimalistic pieces that are often sporting softer colour shades and leaner frames with sleek, rounded and compact cushioning and backs. After seeing recurring shades of dark furniture, it is a breath of fresh air indeed to see a splash of easy-going neutral colour palettes on our event furniture.


Less Is Always More– What is consistently sighted across events, whether in terms of furniture choices or even décor and presentation, is the mantra of less is more. Gone are those days of overdone cluttered furniture, wall pieces, shelves and lounging spaces. These accentuations have given way to minimalistic furniture that provides us with more space to move around, network and group together. A simple wooden coffee table with cubed seating or stools in plain whites or monochromatic shades is how we would sum up modern event furniture that buyers are investing in over the last few seasons. This leads to a largely informal feel to the interiors of the event area and allows for open communication and networking.


Event Furniture


Geometrical Simplicity– So the modern event furniture to buy will be moving away from heavy materials and fabrics on our furniture to simple geometrical designs primarily made of different combination of metals, primarily steel, and painted upon with shades of whites and greys. This kind of arrangement works well for professional or corporate events as well as semi-formal networking events and informal gatherings. No more do we see beefy leather seating with large cushions and bolsters. Quirky stools and simple wooden furniture are making a comeback and how. Any theme that reflects a rustic, simple and wooden feel is increasingly finding takers in retail outlets, event management companies, community workplaces, lounges and other areas of gatherings. Acrylic materials are also increasingly being used to design sleek and clean looking table tops, counters and shelves for a no fuss, transparent and smooth feel to your décor.


Sustainable Furniture- One trend we have seen a fair bit of and would like to see a whole lot of in modern event furniture is the concept of tying in sustainable and natural Relevance to your furniture. Modern event furniture to buy must be eco-friendly and must sustain us long. From simple recycled materials to shelves made of bamboo and other cost-effective plants, we see a lot of greenery marrying into modern event furniture trends. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also allows for a welcome splash of nature in our furniture and lives.


A common factor that is noticed across all these trends is the simplicity in maintenance of this kind of furniture. Whether it is cubed seating or rustic metal chairs and stools or even wooden furniture, a simple swipe of hand should have it clean enough for your next use. Unlike bulky sofas and elaborate seating which requires detailed cleaning in crevices and folds, this is simple in every sense of the word. Suffice to say that minimalism is a trend that is here to stay in modern event furniture to buy. Well, you don’t see us accuse!