Must Visit Beaches of Sri Lanka

Must Visit Beaches of Sri Lanka

The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in the world. Located off the mainland coast of India and surrounded by sea on all sides it displays what nature is capable of presenting and we will take you through these beautiful destinations. With scintillating white sandy beaches and an important history related to it, this place has managed to attract tourism here. however, apart from the top tourist destinations, little is known about its beaches since there is no dearth of it. Here are some beaches that you should definitely not miss out on during your visit to Sri Lanka:


  • Unawatuna Beach


Unawatuna beach


This is one of the most popular beaches for offering calm and tranquil blue waters and spending a day here will seem like a very good idea. The most striking feature about this place is that if you are lucky then you may even get to spot a whale! There are also options for snorkelling and scuba diving activities. You can also observe turtle nesting here which works well with the natural coral reefs and fort ruins here.


  • Rekawa Beach


Rekawa beach


Head on to Rekawa beach in the months of April to September to witness some of the most spectacular sunsets and have a relaxing time by the crashing peaceful waves. It is located at a distance of 10 km from Tangalla and is also the home to the turtles. This beach allows you and your family to have one of the most peaceful time to bond and spend some quality time with your family friends while also witnessing nature in its full beauty.


  • Tangalla Bay Beach


Tangalla bay beach


This is one of the most well kept secret beaches of Sri Lanka and not a lot of tourists know about it. This beach is located inside the resort town of Tangalla and consists of freshwater lagoon, golden sandy beaches and fishing harbour. The lazy town wonderfully reflects its colonial past through its buildings and other such structures. The palm trees in the wind and the ambience of sheer serenity lets you have one of the most tranquil vacation.


  • Mirissa Beach


Mirissa beach


This crescent-shaped beach houses some of the softest and white sand and is located in the extreme southern end of the country of Sri Lanka. It allows you to witness some of the most stunning sunsets and is truly a treat for nature lovers and photographers. The entire beach is fringed by palm trees and hammocks and long chairs available for just relaxing purposes. Taking a stroll by the fishing harbour and spending time by the peacefully quiet waves is the best place for people seeking solitude away from the teeming tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.


  • Nilaveli Beach


Nilaveli Beach


The pristine and scenic beaches of Nilaveli in Sri Lanka deserves some much-needed attention from the tourists since it houses some of the most powder soft sand in the beaches. It is located at a distance of 15 km from the charming pigeon beach and the entire region remains free of tourists making it the perfect getaway destination. Considered to be the country’s best-kept secrets it is a very pleasant surprise for beach lovers and peace seekers alike.


  • Pigeon Island


Pigeon island


Situated close to the eastern end of the Trincomalee this island is located inside a protected national park making it a secluded dream beach. The yellow sand here works in perfect contrast to the azure blue water of the sea. The place remains secluded for a majority time of the year and showcases a grand selection of fishes and other aquatic life. It is also home to some of the most spectacular collection of coral reefs here and is truly only of the real jewels for Sri Lankan tourism.


  • Arugam Bay


Arugam Bay Beach


Popular for being one of the top most destinations for surfers, this beach radiates, thrill, adventure and a sense of relaxation. Visiting this beach and sitting on its soft sand will allow you to get washed over by the scenic beauty and a laid-back environment. It serves as a great base for awesome adventure sports activities. The place is relatively offbeat and lesser-known making it the perfect place for people looking for some peace of mind. Because of its unique beauty is it one of the most loved beaches in the country.


  • Hiriketiya Beach


Hiriketiya Beach


This beach is located on a stunning bay that is away from the bustle of the tourist crowd. Here you will be able to have a deeply spiritual experience and witness some of the most glorious sunrises and sunsets. a must visit as a part of the Sri Lanka tour package. There are several cottages for rent on the shore that will make your vacation in Sri Lanka the best travel memory. The waves here are also good for a surfer to ride it. You can go there lounge by the sea and feel your tensions melt away.