Natural Ways to Relieve Stress & Get Rid of Anxiety

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress & Get Rid of Anxiety

Both physically and mentally, stress is something that we all deal with on a daily basis. Although stress can serve as a positive motivating factor in some cases, frequent exposure to stress can lead to dramatically negative consequences, such as asocial behavior, insomnia, and depression.

Despite being constantly reminded about the importance of self-care, we are prone to forget what this truly means. Dedicating some time to unwinding your mind, relaxing your body, and letting go of the concerns of yesterday and tomorrow will impact not only your emotional and physical wellbeing but your social and professional life as well. Here are some of the best and easiest natural ways to relieve stress and get rid of anxiety.


Homeopathy is practice that has existed for over two hundred years, originating in Germany, with an aim to restore health to the body, mind, and spirit. It’s based on the Law of Similars, meaning that a substance which creates a symptom can cure a similar symptom. Homeopathic remedies prove to be very effective in fighting anxiety and reducing stress levels. In addition, they’re made from natural substances and thus completely safe to use. However, the process of making a correct diagnosis and deciding on the appropriate treatment may be complex, so it’s best to consult with a healthcare practitioner and do some thorough research before taking up this technique.


Physical Exercise

Being physically active is one of the fastest ways to fight anxious energy and strengthen your body’s resilience to deal with stress. Additionally, you’ll tone your body and rock that beach body-look in no time! However, exercising does not have to mean going to the gym and lifting weights on a daily basis. Just get moving – cycle, hike, swim, or do whatever is your cup of tea, as long as it involves physical effort and helps the brain release feel-good chemicals. Even light stretching in the morning or taking a quick walk when feeling under a lot of pressure can boost your mood and soothe your mind.


It’s a crazy and fast world that we live in, and not everyone can afford to dedicate a significant amount of time to some elaborate stress-relieving activities, such as taking a day off and going to the spa or spending a day in nature. However, one 10-minute meditation session per day is certainly doable. It’s one of the simplest yet most efficient techniques for reducing your level of stress and anxiety. You are free to opt for one of various positions, ranging from lotus flower to a simple seated position with a cushion to support to your back, take deep breaths, and let go off all the distracting thoughts.

Massage therapy

Massage Therapy

What better way to unwind, relax your muscles, and rest your mind than getting a massage? Massage therapy can help ease anxiety and panic disorder symptoms and it’s a well-known stress reliever particularly popular in the Far East. Daily life in Far Eastern bustling cities tends to be hectic more often than not, and a perfect example for this is Hong Kong. It is considered to be one of the busiest and most densely populated cities in the world, and people living there are constantly exposed to numerous sources of stress. That’s why getting a professional massage in Hong Kong (often dubbed as a city that never sleeps) and other fast-paced cities is a great way to get rid of the tension in the entire body and to unplug at least for a couple of hours.



You might not be a fan of working out nor patient enough to take up an activity as passive as meditation might seem at first – hence, yoga is the perfect choice for you! Invest in your physical and psychological wellbeing and take couple of days off to visit a yoga ashram in the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh, to soak up the energy and inspiration needed for adopting this meditative habit that will change your life.

Other tools and techniques to use for relieving stress include different sorts of therapy, ranging from music or color to aromatherapy. Of course, your diet affects what you feel, so avoiding or limiting your tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol intake and incorporating mood-boosting foods in your diet, such as green tea and dark chocolate, can significantly improve both your physical and mental ability to cope with stress. Some alternative ways of fighting anxiety are squeezing a stress toy or just chewing gum.

We can’t run away from the pressures, problems, and stress of daily life, but we can try to minimize their consequences. Investing money, time, and effort in your wellbeing by incorporating some of these relaxation techniques in your everyday life will without a doubt be something that your future self will be thankful for.