Why Opt for Split Level Homes?

Why Opt for Split Level Homes?

With the advancing time, the concept of slab homes or split level homes is becoming quite popular. Every other house in the street may have the split-level idea. In addition, not to forget, these tri-level homes are quite attractive and stylish. However, often people feel that these kinds of homes are a bit underrated.

What is a split-level home?

The split level homes also referred to as the tri-level homes. The flooring in this case of houses is layered. These kinds of houses usually have the two tiny houses, the one, which goes right upward in the bathroom level and the next, which runs down to the basement area. The basement area is the completed part containing living areas. These living rooms are often used for the family gathering, hallway, or lobby. Even the official meetings can happen in these split-level homes.

The next, which the basement area covers are the laundry facility with other such improvements. The basement area is attached to a driveway, which gives way to the garage. Lower to the basement level is the central area meant for walking. It is the additional space in the basement area and often left unfinished.

There are usually two kinds of the split in these slab homes:

  • The side split: This is often the front visible portion of the house. It is the kind of elevation.
  • The back split: This is different from the previous one and the division, in this case, can be viewed from only the sides of the elevation.

If you observe, you will get to note that while there are many stories the front elevation puts into view only one. The rest of the two are often viewed from the back.

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What are the characteristics of split-level homes?

While everyone may have designed their category of houses, there are specific features, which are the same in every tri-level or split level home. These features are mentioned below:

  • A façade which is asymmetrical
  • The orientation is horizontal, rectangular, and in the L-shape
  • Big window pictures and double hung windows
  • May have back split or side split
  • Moving space in the house
  • Attached garage
  • The roof is usually low pitched
  • The flooring is made up of natural materials such as hardwood and brick exterior
  • Beautiful living areas with proper dining areas
  • Minimum decorations, yet elegant

Why should you get split-level homes?

Often, when compared to the standard slab homes, the split level homes are beneficial. So, if you are considering getting a house, make sure you get one in the same design.

  • It maximizes the space: A split level home is active if you want to maximize the space within your home. When you build up a double-storied building, you will even get to build up a large backyard. Thus, you will not need to reduce the space of your house yet get a bigger space.
  • It is cost efficient: When there is enough space in the home and has a normal sloping, the price of maintaining the requirements will necessarily be brought down. You need not preserve the area too much. Several other problems like poor soil and large rocks can help to increase the cost. Thus, instead of the expensive issues, the easy split-level maintenance is beneficial for maintaining price.
  • Has a unique design: The split level homes have a unique design, and these are extremely beautiful? It is efficient for some small houses. It is usually designed with small bedrooms on the first floor while the other level would contain various zones. Thus, this kind of home is beneficial for families who have children.

Now, that you know the reason, make sure you consider having one for your family.