Orchha – The Town Where Rama is Worshipped as a King

Orchha – The Town Where Rama is Worshipped as a King

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, there are ample cities and towns that are known for their historical significance. One of such place is Orchha. The amazing town was founded by Rajput King Rudra Pratap during the 16th century. The unique speciality of this place is that it has a temple dedicated to Lord Rama where he is worshipped both as a God and as a king. The Betwa River split into seven different channels in this place, and it gets the name Satdhara. The amazing architecture of this place will remind you of the past glory of our country.

Jahangir Mahal

The place is located very close to the Orchha Fort, and it was built in honor of King Jahangir. The uniqueness of this palace is that it is built in a combination style of Hindu and Mughal architecture. The amazing view of the Betwa River and the surrounding forest adds great beauty to this palace. It is believed that the palace was built as a resting place for Jahangir. However, he was killed before he could pay a visit to this palace.

Jahangir Mahal Orchha

Ram Raja Temple

This is the only temple in the country where Lord Rama is also worshipped as a king. It is situated about 14 km from Jhansi, and you can easily access the place from nearby towns and cities. Many pilgrims come to this place to pay respect to Lord Rama and get his blessings.

Ram Raja Temple

Chaturbhuj Temple

The temple is very close to the Ram Raja temple and has the finest architecture you can find in this region. It is considered as a photographers delight as you can get the complete view of the Orchha Town from this place. The temple was built during the 16th century, and many tourists come to this place to catch a glimpse of the glorious past of this region.

Chaturbhuj Temple Orchha

Betwa River

The amazing beauty of the Betwa River can be seen at this place, and you will also find a wildlife sanctuary close to this location. You can enjoy the greenery of the place and also go for a Boat Ride along with your family members. The river adds a lot of beauty to the surrounding place, and you will notice that many pilgrims also come to this location as it is very close to the Ram Mandir. It is also known as the lifeline of Orchha as the river splits into multiple streams at this location. The One should visit this place after the rainy season as you can find the river in its full glory during this period.

Betwa River Orchha

Lakshmi Narayana Temple

This beautiful temple is situated on a small hill, and you can find many murals inside the temple complex. The amazing paintings on the wall are destroyed to a large extent during the previous destruction. This temple is dedicated to Mahalakshmi and is about 400 years old. It is under the maintenance of Archaeological Survey of India. For more places to visit in Madhya Pradesh, you can visit fogut.com.

Lakshmi Narayana Temple Orchha