How to Overcome Ankylosing Spondylitis

How to Overcome Ankylosing Spondylitis

A bamboo spine is a dreaded condition that causes stiffness in the back and is more commonly observed among adults. It is a debility which results due to inflammation in coaxial skeleton of 82 bones. Back pain is getting rather common nowadays with the stressful lifestyles that we lead without adequate exercise. The backbone suffers and the vertebrae may fuse into each other, generating severe pain. The joints in the spine and pelvis may also be affected.

Some clear solutions could act as preventive measures and promote a vigorous lifestyle. A nutritious diet allows us to maintain an optimum weight and develops stronger bones, supplying the energy for an active life.

Obesity stresses the joints like the knees and the cartilage, leading to osteoarthritis. A heavy body makes you less active, though it is not good to be underweight either and such people may suffer anemia and fatigue with little resistance. Consume adequate calories in the battle against ankylosing spondylitis.

The Common Ankylosing Spondylitis Medications and Therapies

Ankylosing SpondylitisLet us get acquainted with some of the medication and treatments that prevent disabling back pain and avoid physical deformity. Treatment should be undertaken early to prevent complications in the joints that would become permanent.

Side- Effects of Prescribed Medications

NSAIDs like naproxen (Naprosyn) besides indomethacin (Indocin) may be routinely prescribed to relieve the inflammation. Yet, such medications could give rise to gastrointestinal bleeding. If NSAIDs don’t work, doctors may prescribe a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blocker or an interleukin 17 (IL-17) inhibitor.

The THF blocker would reduce the pain and stiffness, injected through the IV line or under the skin. FDA has approved of the following TNF blockers: Humira, Cimzia, Enbrel, Simponi; Simponi Aria and Remicade. Cosentyx is the first IL-17 inhibitor approved. The problem isthat these drugs can revive latent tuberculosis and bring on more infections.

Role of herbal medications

The prescribed medications may help in suppressing inflammation associated with Ankiolosing Spondylitis, but often there are side effects associated with it. This makes them risky option that can further woesem the conditiom of the patient.

This is where herbal medications have been more effective for centuries. There are no side effects associated with it. Majoon Sahar is one such medication that is being trusted by renowned ayurvedic doctors across the globe.

Majoon Sahar helps in

  • Maintaining proper bone density, which is necessary to increase strength of fragile bones
  • Enhancing health of bones and joints
  • Preserving flexibility and lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Stimulating blood flow and absorption of excess calcium produced by the body
  • Controlling hormone levels

Role of Physical Therapy

Rather than dependence upon medications alone, exercises would relieve pain and bring strength and flexibility to the limbs and back. Exercises like range of motion and stretching would help the right postures and bring joint flexibility. Sleep and walk in the right postures. Back and abdominal exercises maintain good postures.

Prevent Surgery in Most Cases

Only in extreme cases surgery is adviced. It is required in case of severe joint damage. The hip joint or knee cap may need to be replaced.

Healthy Food Intake for Stronger Bones

According to research, maybe half of ankylosing spondylitis patients also suffer from osteoporosis, especially in patients whose spines have fused. Take enough calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones and prevention of osteoporosis.

Calcium comes from milk and yogurt and not only from dairy products. Some other calcium rich foods are

  • Broccoli and Kale
  • Green soybeans
  • Figs
  • Sardines
  • Salmon
  • Shellfish
  • White beans
  • Okra
  • Tofu made with calcium
  • Almonds

You find natural vitamin D in fish and shellfish besides egg yolk. Expose your skin to sunlight often enough to benefit from vitamin D.

Some Recommended Exercises


Walking may seem simple enough, but it helps to tone muscles and keep fit. Ankylosing spondylitis patients need to walk in the mornings to reduce muscle stiffness and bring oxygen to tissues. Brisk walking is good without joint strain.


Swimming helps and particularly recommended is the front crawl. Swimming helps to activate the shoulder, neck and hip joints very effectively.


Cycling helps stamina and fitness but do it in short periods, lying straight on the floor between the stints.


Yoga Cobra PoseBreathing exercises help to build-up lung capacity that suffers in such patients. Yoga and tai-chi are also advised, but attempt them under supervision.

Resistance exercises help to maintain rigid postures and avoid sitting in a hunched manner that becomes a habit and develops ankylosing spondylitis. Standing up straight helps too. Pushups and chin-ups are simple exercises that go a long way in toning muscles and beating ankylosing spondylitis.  Strengthen muscle tissue and increase mass through such exercises.

Lying prone would help in spine alignment. Lie face down on the bed or floor, but be comfortable. Remain that way for ten minutes or longer, best under supervision.

A combination of medications, diet and exercise would help to cope with the nightmares of ankylosing spondylitis.


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