Places to Visit in Dubai at Night

Places to Visit in Dubai at Night

The sprawling Emirate city of Dubai is also a busy city during the day. But after sunset, the city becomes livelier. The million city lights give Dubai an illuminating effect that adds to its glamour and opulence. While the city’s skyscrapers look magnificent during the day, the numerous lights during night time make them look even more splendid. So, instead of calling it a day and returning to your hotel room after the sun sets, you must definitely explore the beautiful city during night. Including dhow cruise dinner and desert safari, there are a lot of things you can do to have a fun and happening night in Dubai.

Desert Safari

The Arabs have a deep connection with the desert land. Before the UAE was formed and so much developed happened in the seven Emirate cities, the various tribes lived amidst the sand dunes, right in the desert. Today, you would not find many tribes living in the deserts of UAE, but you can definitely enjoy the Bedouin culture and life with the desert safari. Most desert safaris begin at late afternoon and last till late night. You get to enjoy adventurous activities like dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, etc. apart from some entertainment activities like henna painting, belly dancing, Tanura dancing, etc. The desert safari usually ends with a delicious BBQ dinner after which you head home. However, if you want to spend more time in the desert, you can opt for overnight desert safari tour which gives you the chance to spend an entire night at the desert camp. It is a great way to know about desert life during night and also to enjoy the view of a beautiful star-lit sky while sitting beside a bonfire and sipping a delicious cup of Arabic coffee.

Desert Safari Camping

Dhow Cruise Dinner

The Dubai Creek is one of the prime locations of Dubai as it divides the old and new sides of the city. The Bur Dubai side is home to the old but sophisticated architecture of the times gone by, while Deira is where you can see the modern skyscrapers and structures of today’s times. While you can surely walk along the Dubai Creek, the best way to enjoy the gorgeous sights of the Creek is while on a dhow cruise. The traditional dhows, which were used for transportation in the earlier days, have been redesigned as restaurants. The dhow cruise dinner lasts for around 2-3 hours and ensures you have a great time. Complete with welcome drink, an international buffet meal, soulful music and live entertainment (Tanura dance), you would definitely have a great time. You can choose to sit either on the open-air upper deck or air-conditioned lower deck. Whatever you choose, you get unparalleled views of the gorgeous city of Dubai.

Dubai Dhow Cruise Creek

Rajmahal Theatre

If you are a Bollywood fan, you would definitely have heard of Bollywood Parks Dubai, a theme park based on India’s favourite and biggest movie industry. A visit to the park can be made anytime during the day to enjoy some Bollywood based stunt shows, rides and spectacular performances. However, if you are looking for some night-time fun, the Rajmahal Theatre is the section you must visit. Rajmahal Theatre is an opulent open-air theatre that has been inspired by royal palaces of India and can seat around 850 people. While the structure and design of the theatre will surely mesmerize you, the highlight of the place is surely its very own Broadway-style Bollywood musical called Jaan-e-Jigar! Played in the evening usually around 8 PM during weekends, this play follows the story of two brothers amidst the theme of good v/s evil. It has all the elements of a typical Bollywood movie and offers 100% entertainment. If you love the drama and masala of Hindi movies, this is something you would definitely enjoy for your night-out in the city.


Nightclubs, Pubs and Lounges

Dubai is a Muslim city and quiet conservative. However, this does not mean that the city does not have a nightlife. On the other hand, Dubai has some great pubs and nightclubs (mostly associated with hotels) where you can dance on the tunes of some of the best DJs and musicians of the world. If you would really like to party when in Dubai, some of the places you must visit are Zinc, Apartment Lounge, The Roof Top, Kasbar, Bahri Bar, Chillout Ice Lounge, etc. These places promise the best ambience, music, drinks and food. If you are confused about where to go, you can also choose to go on a nightclub tour where you would get the opportunity to visit a nightclub, a shisha bar and even a beachside bar. Plus, three drinks are complimentary!

Dubai Pubs

Dubai Fountain Show

The light and sound show at the Dubai Fountain, outside Dubai Mall, is one of the best things to see at night in the city. The 10 minutes show gives you one of the most spectacular shows you would have ever seen. With a soulful music in the background, watch the choreographed moves of the fountain along with some stunning lights. You can not only watch this show free of cost but also several times, on the same evening. The show starts at 6 in the evening and plays every half an hour till 11 in the night, with each show lasting 10 minutes. You can wait near the fountain or take a boat tour to watch it more closely. Whatever you choose, you would surely be mesmerized.

Dubai Fountain

With so many things to do, Dubai is truly a city that does not sleep. So, rather than hitting the sack, pick up one of the above places to have a memorable night in Dubai!

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