Precautions to Take During Pregnancy

Precautions to Take During Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is the most beautiful moments in your life. Though it gives you tiredness and discomforts, but the feeling of carrying your little baby makes you happy and gives you strength to overcome any discomforts. Motherhood is a blessing and the joy of it begins when a tiny heart starts beating inside you.

Commonly Pregnancy is classified into 3 trimesters.

First Trimester (1-3 months)

During the First Trimester, you should be very careful as your baby just now started to grow from a tiny cell into a baby. Doctors’ advice you not to travel during this First trimester and not to lift any heavy objects as these things might cause miscarriage. Must have a healthy diet and avoid fast foods.

First Trimester Pregnancy Precautions

People say that during pregnancy you must take double the food to nourish your baby, but it is a wrong belief. Only 300 calories of extra food are sufficient for the baby. Having excess food gives you excess weight which is a threat during delivery.

Second Trimester (4-6 months)

The second trimester is the ideal time to travel since you will be relieved from vomiting and tiredness during this period. But have safe travel.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Precautions

Third Trimester (6-9 months)

During the third trimester it is important that you do your exercises regularly. It is very important to be active as it helps for delivery. Another important thing is, keep in mind to sleep on your sides particularly on the left side.

This is a period when small accessories like body pillow might be really useful. A body pillow is an oversized pillow that gives you extraordinary comfort. As your pregnancy progresses, you may notice that your tummy continues to expand. After a point, it gives you discomfort while sleeping.

For pregnant women, it is important to have a good sleep of about 8-9 hours. Body pillow helps you avoid these discomforts and gives you good sleep throughout the night. Therefore, having a great body pillow can save you a lot stress during your nap time.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Precautions

As a to-be-mother, you should be aware of certain pregnancy precautions.

  • Have a healthy diet. Include fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses and legumes in your diet.
  • To stay hydrated drink plenty of water.
  • Take your iron, calcium and folic acid supplements regularly.
  • Have good sleep of around 7 to 9 hours every night. Make a habit of resting on your left side which helps in blood flow to you and your baby and prevents swelling.
  • Consult your doctor before taking any medicine for your other health problems like cold, cough, fever, etc. Because in some medicines dosage level will be high and this will affect your baby.
  • Stay active and exercise regularly which helps you to have a normal delivery.
  • Take routine checkups to ensure that your baby is healthy.
  • To Avoid Miscarriage

Most early miscarriages are caused by genetic abnormalities that are not under the control of a mom-to-be.

  • Some other factors that cause miscarriages are listed below.
  • Avoid alcohols, smoking, tobaccos or drugs.
  • Avoid travel or doing heavy work during the first trimester.
  • Be happy and don’t be overstressed.
  • Avoid being exposed to radiations or chemicals or toxic substances.
  • Avoid sports that carry a higher risk of injury.
  • If you observe any abnormalities throughout your pregnancy, immediately consult your doctor to avoid complications.