How to Properly Stalk Your Crush?

How to Properly Stalk Your Crush?

Everybody wants to know more about their crush, especially what they like and do. It gives us a complete insight into the person as well as we can have more knowledge about their personality, that is why most of us want to know the proper way to stalk our crush.

If you have any hesitation in interacting with the love of your life, start to know more about them, it will help you to start a conversation. Many times we find challenging to stalk our crush but here are some tips for you:

1. Start easily and slowly:

It is important to start slow and steady because of stalking can show you are too desperate. Also, it can put your negative image in front of your crush. That is why you must follow him/her in a natural manner which looks interested as well as casual at the same time.

Many times when you start stalking from all the ways, it can preserve as harassment, and you can get into trouble too. Therefore stalk step by step where everything looks normal.

2. Don’t overdo it:

People don’t fall for those whom they are uncomfortable and stalking can show you’re exaggerating as well. Sometimes when you are stalking, the person came to know, and it can cause more trouble than a favor that is why you should choose those ways which don’t let you crush know that you are stalking as well as never overdo it as it puts your negative image.

3. Social media:

If you want to thoroughly and adequately stalk your crush, the social media is the right place to do it as it will give you complete information with just a click. Many people are social media freaks too and post each and everything about themselves on these sites which make it easier for you to stalk as well as keep it natural also.

4. Stalk the Instagram page:

Like many others, your crush might have an Instagram page which will help you know more about him/her. Since it is a generation of social media, you can find their page and know about their personal and social life. They might have more followers than you, but it only means that you both can be a happy social couple. An Instagram page will show you more about them including their life, liking as well as friends.

5. Don’t forget the Facebook:

Facebook is now very middle school, and there are many more social media options available but why not check the Facebook profile. Search the account and get to know more about the pictures he/she has been tagged. You can know much more about their siblings and friends. Also the family photographs and event they have attended. Even, you can get to know more about their old pictures which are quite fun for stalking.

6. Get to know any friends or someone close:

It is the best way to get the inside news and better insight of your crush. There is so much more than they post on social media or any other platform which you can get to know about them in person. If you both are still not connected, the best way to stalk your crush is through a mutual or him/her friend. Maybe it can make more chances for you to get introduced to them. If you don’t know or connect with any of the friends you can also opt for a colleague who can let you know about their work details and office routine or anyone who knows about your crush.

7. Get the number and Snapchat:

The best thing to do is to get the number and Snapchat to get connected you probably know your crush by now and friends with him/her. If not it’s a good time to break the ice and start the conversation. Try to get him/her number and start the talk; you can ask any favor or offer a gathering it will help to get to know him/her better. You can also get the Snapchat ID, if you don’t have Snapchat get it now, it is so much fun and provides you personal interaction where you both can share the snaps too.

8. Get to know more about the personality:

More important part of the stalking is to know more about the nature of the person, what do they like and support. It will help you make right decisions about them as well as future planning with that person. That is why look for the articles they shared, hashtags they used, the organization they are supporting as well as their hobbies and interest. It will give you a better insight of their personality; also it is a sound result of your time and energy which you have invested in stalking.


Stalking can be done personally as well as on the social media but keep in mind that your intentions are good and positive. It must be done lightly and only to know the person and his/her personality. Also, the stalking must be done in a proper way which will avoid any harassment and uncomfortable situation for your crush.

Make stalking fun and useful so it can let you know more about your crush as well as help in making decisions about your next move.

This article was written by Maria Zahid of