Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S8

In the evergreen market of the cell phone industry, it is hard to keep up with every brand their innovations. The competition has risen from the day touch-screen phones were introduced people have gone crazy over them and the thought of selling my mobile triggers very often amongst all high end brands there’s this brand Samsung that has evolved in such an amazing way and is creating miraculously amazing sets that one cant deny buying traditionally it had a plastic body but Ever since Samsung has changed the game by creating a phone that’s has a metal body slick in design and has variety of colors with enhanced features to compete with iPhone. Since then, we expect every Galaxy launch to be different unique and one of its kind.


Today we’re talking about none other Samsung Galaxy S7 compared to Samsung Galaxy S8, it was launched on 5th May 2017 and created a hype in the market, not only for the customers of Samsung but also for all those who gave up on them. It has created a new path way for its potential customer to gain back their trust after the whole note incident. If we talk about S7 we call it just another enhanced version of S6 with few features that were upgraded for instance battery size for a longer use i.e. 3,000 mAh  Improving the camera and making it waterproof.


But when it comes to S8 the manufacturers have taken it to a next level. Let’s dive into the features of S8 and compare sell mobile and see is it worth breaking the bank. Let’s first talk about the display S7 had 5.1” screen whereas Samsung introduced full screen (5.8” AMOLED display) which they referred as infinity display, with the absence of the traditional home button commonly referred as bezel less. So where did the finger scanner go? Will it still be able to open in just a touch? We have all your queries sorted here. The sensor has been shifted to the back of the phone making it more easy to access and providing a larger space to screen itself. Now, Based on the consumer region, Samsung used their own custom-built Exynos 8990 or Snapdragon 820. However both processors had 14nm (nanometer) process power. To mark up the efficiency, Samsung moved from 14 nm to 10 nm which their claim to have 10% faster performance as compared to their forerunner.


As far as the weight is concerned S8 is slightly heavier than S7 for the type of people who prefer light handed phones just because they are easy to go by S8 will feel that we are actually holding up something in our pockets but overall keeping all other specs constant this very thing can be neglected. Another point that hasn’t change is the rear camera which is the same for both S7 and S8,the only thing that can create a difference is the thing that to avoid blur images and sharpen them a bit there is a multiple image function that shutter takes 3 images and then mixes them to provide one quality picture. If we compare the front camera it has been reformed and upgraded to 8 megapixel with auto focus which for a person who is a selfie freak is a wonderful gift. Things that are unavoidable and are taken from the note 7 includes waterproofing, yes! You read it rights just in case you didn’t know both Samsung S7 and S8 are waterproof as mentioned earlier;both of them have wireless chargers and a SD slot, AN iris scanner which was unavailable in S7. Moreover, the thing that quirky is that Samsung has changed its mirco-USB to a Type C port, which simply means that just in case you forgot your charger at home and don’t have your wireless charging device with you; one won’t be able to charge the battery. We expected that the battery life would be upgraded and would be same or approximately near to the one in Samsung galaxy S7 edge, instead they kept it same as S7 i.e. 3,000mAh heading towards the operating system both have Android 7.0 Nougat.

Looks & Design

Indeed! S8 is an enchanting and fancy phone with a classy slick edgy look this integers my thoughts of ‘i want to sell Samsung S7’ but keeping the fact in mind that S8 is heavier on the pockets for a normal person or let say students who are the part of our universal competition to always have the latest gadgets in hand. The Galaxy S7 is of comparatively less price than S8 and can easily be bought. For the people who are used to the traditional home button and a relatively smaller phone s7 is their catch but for the ones who look for continuous upgradation and have the continuous desire of i want to sell my phone for something latest S8 is perfect for them. I have neutral thoughts for both the galaxy phones which one to choose and which one not to in terms of the operating system and all the only thing that diverts me towards the s8 is the screen and camera which are no doubt irresistible. Being obsessed with photography and the desire to have the latest cameras in hand and also knowing the fact that its operating system will soon be updated to Oreo which will surely take time for S7 to upgrade my opinion becomes biased towards S8. For the ones who have finally decided to sell their phones and upgrade to S8 there’s a million chances for people who will be willing to buy S7 because of its easy use and understand, keeping it technical, my perspective towards both galaxy phones is that apart from all other feature the hardware remains the same and spending a lot of money just for a larger screen and better camera would be useless.

Selling my mobile for cash and then buying another wouldn’t be a good option economically, in fact S7 becomes a better option being less heavy on the pocket and with all advance features better than the Samsung galaxy S6 and Samsung galaxy note 7.