Secrets to Clean Hardwood Floors is Revealed!

Secrets to Clean Hardwood Floors is Revealed!

Harwood floors are an expensive addition to any home yet they look elegant. They increase the value of your floor magically, making it look amazing in every house. Apart from the elegant look, they are highly durable and can handle the heavy load. People might have assumed that wood floors are not easy to clean. However, when you compare its cleaning with other floor materials, you will find easier to clean.

That happens because people are not aware of the right methods to clean the hardwood floors. For hardwood floor installation, we need one of the best wood floor contractors in Houston TX that knows how to do the job. Here are few tips by floor professionals that can keep your floors bright like new forever.

Remove the Dirt first

The first defense to keep your floor clean is to remove the dirt and debris as quickly as possible. Therefore, it requires regular cleaning using the basic home equipment. Do not ignore the smallest chunk of dirt as it can destroy your floors. For example, if you have dropped a sandpaper on the floor and forget to pick it, it can leave scratches on your wood floors and you could do nothing about it. Therefore, ensure that you sweep your floors regularly. Cleaning also depends on the foot traffic at your place.

Wipe Spills Immediately

Wood floors may look like a good resistant to the spills as compared to the carpets. However, it is better to remove the spills as soon as possible. There are few substances that can leave marks on your floors that are nearly impossible to remove by any cleaning product. In case, you use any chemical product to remove the stain, there is a chance that the chemical will react with the wood. This will remove the top coat of polish, leaving your floor unattractive and dull. Some common materials include milk, mustard, and pet urine. So, if any accident happens run to grab a piece of cloth and wipe the spills.

Use a mop to clean hardwood floors

A damp mop can be helpful in cleaning your floors provided that you are using the right cleaning product. Mostly floor professionals recommend cleaners that contain isopropyl alcohol, which dries quickly and is easily available. Vinegar can be a great help in cleaning your wood floors. Surprisingly, tennis ball removes the shoe scuffs, if you gently rub it against the marks. Do not worry, it will not damage the floor coating.

Use the right Cleaners

Probably wood is one of the easiest flooring material to clean. You only need the right cleaning product that keeps the floor’s shine constant. You may have many options available in the market, using them can temporarily resolve your problem but there is a chance that they will make the floor dull quickly. To avoid any such situation, affordable flooring companies in Houston TX have experts that can give you better advice on the floor cleaning products. Talk to your wood floor contractor for the suitable cleaning product and keep your floors shiny.

Hardwood floors are cleaned… No? Maybe our last tip proves to be helpful.

If all the cleaning tips and tricks for hardwood flooring fails, it time to replace or refinish your floors. Though you can take help from professionals and when their advice fails, go for the new floors or new polish. This process involves sanding down the top layer, which removes the dirt marks and then covered with the sealant. This process is needed after every five to ten years. During this time period, we suggest you to keep following the above-mentioned steps to keep your floors shiny.