How to Stay Focused at Work When Moving

How to Stay Focused at Work When Moving

Moving to a different apartment, neighborhood or even city can cause quite a chaos in your life. Between all the packing, looking for a place to crash during the move and getting adapted to your new place, you have to learn how to balance your personal life and work life.

All the activities surrounding your move are bound to affect your concentration and energy at work. But the worst part is that you’ll spend most of your time at the office planning the move, rushing off during the break to buy more boxes and tasks that are going to draw time away from work.

In this article, we are going to give you a couple of hints on how to stay productive while moving.

Don’t Steal Time from Your Work Hours

You might get tempted to use every waking hour to plan your move. You might pack an extra box before you leave for work or run an errand during your break. As long as you respect your work hours, that’s fine. But don’t take time away from work to run personal errands, because your employer and colleagues will surely notice if you’re rushing away from your desk every two hours and having your lunch at the desk. While you’re at work, commit to the tasks at hand. If you need more time for the move, ask for a day off. This will help you retain your focus and still stay a productive member of your team.

Keep a To-Do List

With something as serious as a move, your mind is bound to wander off while you work. To make sure you don’t skip any important tasks, you should keep a to-do list. You can use a notepad or a modern alternative – a handy assistant app like Blink the Bee. Write down the tasks you have to complete that day as well as any ideas you have. This can work both ways, you can use the to-do list while packing if you remember something you need to take care of at work.

Don’t Neglect Yourself

When moving it’s easy to develop a series of bad habits like dining at fast food restaurants instead of cooking, sleeping less and forgetting to work out and stay in shape. There’s no need to keep those pans and dishes packed before the move and live on pizza. You can easily pack them the day before moving. Food provides nutrients necessary to keep your energy levels high at work. The same goes for sleep. Without it, your concentration will be low and affect how you perform at work.

Don’t Live in a Mess

Sure, with all the boxes and stuff lying around it’s easy to think you can’t help the mess. Don’t use that excuse to get away from chores like dishwashing, doing your laundry and organizing the boxes in a single area so they don’t create chaos. Your place should remain as tidy as possible given the circumstances until you move.