Summer Trends 2019 – 5 Beautiful Outdoor Pool Ideas

Summer Trends 2019 – 5 Beautiful Outdoor Pool Ideas

Having a swimming pool by the house is considered by many a sign of luxury. However, modern construction practices have changed that and today, anyone can enjoy this refreshing accessory. Moreover, with swimming pools being so widely available came a wide array of design trends and solutions that improve the overall architectural elements of the property.


Therefore, not only you can have a swimming pool but it can also look breathtakingly stunning and completely change the exterior of your house. So, here are amazing outdoor pool ideas that any home can have.


1.     Classic elegance for sophistication


Classic elegance for sophistication


While classic pools are the most common ones, there are ways to make yours stand out. Build a stone wall on one side of your swimming pool and create a small waterfall there. Two seating areas beside and above the pool will give you more options and give you enough space to entertain guests.


When it comes to greenery, keep it minimal with some evergreen shrubs and succulents on one side of the pool, closer to the fence. Make sure that there are several types of lights so you can have privacy when needed and enjoy a night swim in an intimate setting.


2.     The L-shaped extravagance


L-shape pools


L-shape pools have become very popular in the last decade and that doesn’t seem to go away. This type of pools is ideal if you have enough space to spare around your house. They can start from your patio and continue to the side of your home so that when you go outside you can jump in for a dip.


When it comes to L-shaped pools, you can use basically any design style and themes. If you want a more sophisticated décor, place a sculptural fountain on the edge of the pool as a focal point. For more Mediterranean style, erect your pool a little to create an impression of an infinity pool, especially when you are inside.     


3.     Have your dreamy swimming pool


Have your dreamy swimming pool


Every swimming pool is defined by its features like the seating area and lights. And when it comes to the former, you can leave your comfort zone and go for uniqueness.


Start with building small stone steps to lead to the seating set so you don’t get wet when entering the area which will be the most popular spot to entertain guests. Use a retractable parasol above the area and surround it with small fountains install in the shallow water. This will be a dreamy place to spend time with your family or just relax with a good book.


4.     The tropical atmosphere in your yard


Brisbane swimming pool builders


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to live in scorching weather to own a swimming pool. In Australia, Brisbane swimming pool builders have their hands full every year even though the city is famous for its mild climate. The truth is that the swimming pool is more than refreshment and it can improve the overall architectural features of your home.  


One of the favorite swimming pool ideas is adopting tropical features to create your little oasis. The main feature of this type of design is a lot of lavish greenery around the pool area with a highlight on big leafed plants and palms. Use stone tiles for the area around the pool to give it a rustic, organic feel and make sure that parasols are placed in the seating area and that there is a cabana nearby. 


5.     Haven in wood


private swimming pool


While wood may be a more costly solution, the end result will be an amazing and private swimming pool that will offer haven and relaxation. Instead of the usual stone tiles, build the decking and around the pool area from wood. Use green tiles or paint for the inside of your pool so the color of the water would perfectly fit with the surrounding greenery.


Use the wooden decks around the swimming pool for the seating area, hot tub and a bar surrounded by palm trees. In no time, this will become your favorite spot to unwind or organize parties and hang out with your friends.


In the end


There are many amazing outdoor pool ideas and it will be a challenge to choose the One. However, whichever design you choose will change the appearance of your house and make your life better.