Take Advantage Of House Removals – Read These 9 Tips

Take Advantage Of House Removals – Read These 9 Tips

When you are moving to a new house, it’s not always easy to manage everything from start to finish. Know that your move can be a bit stressful and so should you plan early on to keep your apprehensions from becoming a reality.

Choosing a reliable team of movers is not enough; there are several things to be done on your part to make the process easier and more efficient. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you are getting full advantage of the house removal service, which is there at your disposal.

  1. Use smaller boxes

A small box is easy to carry and even easier to tape and unpack. For storing all your knick-knacks in an easy-to-retrieve manner, small boxes come in handy. One fact worth noting is that during transit, several small boxes can fit into an arrangement where one bigger equivalent cannot. Thus, you can transport more items, using the same amount of space.

  1. Minimize Waste

Unwanted items and household waste are the by-products of a house relocation process. In order to minimize the waste, you will want to figure out things that can be recycled or donated to someone in need. When there’s minimal waste, you will not require additional efforts to dispose of it or hire an expert to do the same.

  1. Maintain a record of your items

During the house removal process, smaller items are often lost or left behind. And when that happens, it adds to the expense of buying new things after arriving at the new place. Prepare a list of items before putting them into the box, so that you can tick each item off at the time of unpacking. Further, you can handover the list to your house removal expert and never lose a useful item again.

  1. Handle hazardous Materials Carefully

Every household stocks up on certain everyday-use chemicals which can potentially be hazardous during the relocation process. For instance, toilet cleaners, insect repellent, disinfectants, pesticides etc. might leak into your stack of clothes and ruin everything instantly. Therefore, make sure they are tightly packed using polythene and stored in a separate box. Giving your removalist a heads-up would also help.

  1. Keep your movers posted

Whatever are your plans, make sure your movers know about them beforehand.  The truck is parked outside your house, but you are still packing – this might add up to your overall cost because of the extended waiting time. Last-minute adjustments can often lead to confusion and unnecessary delays and therefore should be avoided.

  1. Separate your belongings from trash

When you are 3 days out the day of moving, prepare a list of what you want and what you don’t. Separate the trash from your belongings beforehand because you will not want to mix up everything at the last moment.

  1. Get Your Valuables Insured

In case you have valuables such as musical instruments, appliances or art-pieces, etc. to be moved across the town, it is recommended to buy insurance to cover any kind of damage during transit.

  1. Make sure kids and pets are safe during the move

If all adults are busy in packing and taping, there has to be someone to take care of kids and pets. You can call one of your friends over to babysit your kids and pets. You can return the favour by treating them to a delicious meal after the move is complete.

  1. Old newspaper come in handy

You can use old newspaper to ensure insulation between glass items placed inside the box. There are two benefits of doing that. First, you will not get a broken glass at the destination. Second, old newspapers won’t cost you an extra penny. And don’t forget to label the box with ‘Fragile. Handle with care.’

When you hire a professional to handle your house removal requirements, you have one thing less to worry about. And in case you need a hand with packing or loading, you must ask, rather than creating trouble for yourself.

Author Bio: Maureen Bennett has been associated with F & M Bennett & Son for several years, offering property relocation service to commercial and residential clients across Birmingham, UK.