Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Healthy Food

Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Healthy Food

Healthy eating is usually prescribed as a way to initiate weight loss and to get in shape. There are however some other benefits inherent in the consumption of good and healthy food. Beyond the promises of weight loss and a great shape, we highlight below some of the other less talked about reasons why you should fall in love with healthy food.

Less Stress

Healthy food helps cut down on your body’s production of cortisol (the stress-inducing hormone) while also boosting production levels of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that help you relax. Foods with vitamin C, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids have been found to inhibit the production of cortisol.

When you’re stressed, your body experiences faster metabolism or quicker breakdown of protein. Feasting on fish, meat and other protein rich foods will help replenish your body’s protein stores.

Increased Productivity

What you eat has a bearing on how efficiently you work. The human body works much the same way as machines, and like machines, the body requires quality fuel to operate efficiently. This fuel is good food. Eating healthy diets help ensure that your body gets all the fuel and energy it needs to run smoothly. On the other hand, eating junks and other unhealthy food items puts you at a disadvantage and increases the risk of productivity loss to 66%, according to research. Want that raise? Then eat well!!!

Weight loss

Initiate weight loss by simply incorporating healthy food items in your diet. Healthy foods help you lose weight by reducing your total calorie intake. Junks contain high quantities of empty calories but are less rich in nutrients like minerals, fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Switching from a junk-based diet, with soda, chips and candy to a healthier diet with nuts, fruits,  beans, and vegetables will lead to a reduction in the calories you consume, eventually leading to weight loss. You can also take some weight loss juice using best juice maker and this weight loss system is more popular.

A Happier life

Sugars, pastries, and other junk foods can seriously destabilize the levels of mood-regulating fluids in your brain. This can lead to symptoms of gloominess and depression. Healthy foods have the opposite effect on your brain. Research has revealed that fruits like banana contain Dopamine (a mood booster), polyphenol and also help boost serotonin production. On a gloomy day, ignore that craving for sugar and opt for a banana instead. This goes without saying, if you harbor serious concerns about your mood levels, visit a doctor.

You think Healthy Food Tastes Better

Believe it or not, but people think good food tastes better and we have evidence to back up this assertion. One study revealed that participants think that healthy food tastes better even, in the rare times, when it doesn’t. Participants in the study were subjected to a blind test, and a good number of them believed that organic coffee has a better taste than regular coffee, even though they were given the same cups.

A longer life

Several studies have been carried out to examine the link between healthy eating and life expectancy. One inquiry showed that living on a fruit- and vegetable- based diet, coupled with regular exercising, led to increased longevity for women in their 70s. Similarly, some other studies also revealed that low-meat diet could help lower the risk of dying. Anyhow, you cut it, healthy eating is important in the determination of just how long you have to live.

Reduced Spending

Eating healthy means staying healthy and spending less on hospital bills. Some other benefits of eating healthy also help contribute to your potential savings. For example, by cutting down on the quantities of food (mostly unhealthy foods) you consume, you’ll eat less and save more money.

Strengthened Immune System

If you hate the flu as much as we do, then you should stick with eating healthy. This is because research on immunology and microbiology has shown that a happy and healthy gut bacteria can help to significantly strengthen your immunity and reduce susceptibility to infections. Green tea, a healthy drink, has been found to be effective in combating cold infections.

Better Aging

Fruits and vegetables have been found to contain anti-oxidants which help protect your skin and reduce wrinkling in old age. Anti-oxidants present in fresh berries also help inhibit premature aging.

Stronger Muscles

A nutrient-rich diet (particularly one with proteins) helps keep your muscles strong. To maintain string muscles now and in old age, research suggests that you will need to consume between 25g and 35g of protein. This is easily gotten from healthy and protein packed food, like fish and dairy.

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