Termite Control – Best Way to Protect Your House

Termite Control – Best Way to Protect Your House

Termite is insects and they are basically classified as epifamily at the rank of taxonomic. They generally come under the class of Insecta, in ancient time termites were separated from the species of a cockroach but in recent times with the help of studies, it is figured out that termites are the close ancestors of cockroaches. Termites feed themselves on the material of dead plants as well as on cellulose, they usually consume these materials in the form of soil, woods, animal drug or leaf litter.


These are the major detritivores and are basically found in tropical and subtropical regions, and the recycling which is done by them of the plant matter and wood has the due importance in ecological balance. The termite is found in almost every house of the country and they destroy the wooden items, clothes, etc. and even many more big damage of structure, because of which individual have to face a big loss. So it is better to get the termite control as soon as possible otherwise you will be in a big trouble.


Factors to know that you have termites in your home


They are basically generated from the mud tubes, soils, or food sources. Many people are not even aware of their entrance of termite, at the time of construction they know about this fact. But now it has become very easy to identify the presence of termites in your home. you can know about them by exposing woods which are having hollow spots. Even many people get confused between ant and termites, so here is the biggest difference


  • Ants do have front wings are longer than the back ones, and their antennae are bent at 90-degree angle.
  • Termites have wings of equal length, and their antennae are straight.


So people should not misinterpret between both of them.


How termites can be prevented


When you are constructing a house you should pre-plan everything so that you should not face problem in future. While construction proper space for ventilation should be provided, there should be proper gad between the wood and the soil. The wood surfaces should be covered with metal or sealant barriers. People should always be aware of the maintenance of the house so that termites can be prevented from entering the house.


  • After the construction of the house, it should be ensured that the soil around the house should be kept dry with the help of proper drainage and grading.


  • A person should always keep the check on the small opening of the house, which offers the termites to enter the house. For this cracks and holes should be filled with cement, caulk or grout.


  • Leakages should be fixed as soon as they come into knowledge.


  • Plants and trees should not be placed very close to the house because they provide paths to the termite to enter the house.


What treatments are present to treat termites?


The easy and safe method is physical barriers, which can take place during the time of construction of the house. Steel mesh, as well as the sand of single size, should be shown so that they can perform in an effective manner. And on the other hands, chemical measures can also be adopted like taking the appointment from the companies who indulge in controlling the termite. These termite control companies offer various facilities to their customer, firstly they take a proper look at your house and then they will start working for the removal of termites.


They also provide good and effective suggestion to the people so that they can prevent termites by entering the house premises. It is the responsibility of every member of the house to keep a regular check on these types of the issue which will help in the least damage of their belongings.