Things to Know About Spacious Flat Pack, Granny Flats & Kit Homes

Things to Know About Spacious Flat Pack, Granny Flats & Kit Homes

Whether you want to enhance the value of your property or if you are looking for a separate residence for guests who arrive every now and then, spacious flat pack, granny flats & kit homes can undoubtedly be the ultimate solution. Despite the popularity, there are innumerable misconceptions that are associated with these flats. To help you have the ideal match, here are the various things that you need to know about granny flats and how to make the most of them.

What Are Spacious Flat Pack, Granny Flats & Kit Homes?

The spacious flat pack, granny flats & kit homes are self-contained housing units that can be built on the same property where you already have a house. These basically come in various types such as pre-fabricated, flat-pack, custom built and transportable. You must first determine what is suitable for your property and then take your decision accordingly. While doing so, do be aware of your priorities and make sure that you choose the one that ticks all the boxes.

Can Anyone Have Granny Flats or Flat Pack in Their Home?

There are certain rules and regulations that govern the construction of a granny flat in your property and this varies from one particular state to another or in certain cases council to council too. Therefore, performing adequate research is important before you decide which type of spacious flat pack, granny flats & kit homes to choose.

But, the major question that often revolves in the minds of many is: can you have a granny flat installed in your home? The answer is a yes; the only important thing to look after is the guidelines that are stipulated by the local council. Because, even though you have the freedom to build any kind of flat, still there are certain components that must be considered as per the rules of the council. So, check on them and do make sure that these are met.

When too confused you can seek the help of a professional and know more about the terms and conditions that have to be followed. Having the expertise and services of a qualified professional by your side can turn out to be quite beneficial, as they would guide you through the complete process, ensuring you are able to have spacious flat pack, granny flats & kit homes with a peace of mind.

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Factors to Consider Before You Choose Kit Homes & Granny Flats

There are certain essential factors that you need to take an account before you decide to have granny flats or kit homes in the premises and these are:

  • Location: Consider where you plan to have the flats or kit homes. If you are not sure about this, then you can discuss the same with your local council and professionals who can provide suitable suggestions. Again, the location is part of the guidelines so while deciding there are rules that have to be taken into consideration too.
  • Size: On an average, spacious flat pack, granny flats & kit homes have two bedrooms, kitchen and living space. When you choose for smaller flats, the number of bedroom decreases to one. The size is typically based on your preference or the number of occupants you plan to have.
  • Comfort: Never overlook the importance of comfort when you choose kit homes or granny flats. They must have the desired amenities and facilities such as walkways, ramps or doorways to help people travel without any complications.

Budget: At last, formulate an accurate budget before you buy spacious flat pack, granny flats & kit homes. The budget can apparently refine your search and help you choose the one that is value for money.