Things One Must Know About Mouthguards?

Things One Must Know About Mouthguards?

If you are an athlete, then you might be aware of the concept of mouthguard which is also known as a mouthpiece. As a sports person, you would have worn it on a couple of occasions. It is a dental equipment basically used to perform the job of protecting teeth from clipping, dislocating or pulling out. If you wear a mouthguard you are considered almost 90% safe from any tooth injury. Mouthguards are also useful for patients who suffer from bruxism which means spontaneous and persistent grinding of teeth and other teeth and mouth related disorders. This special mouthguard for healthier mouth is custom-made by the dental technicians. These are the special mouthguards which can be worn only when you are sleeping as self-control is the best practice for bruxism patients during a day. So, let’s try to know a few more important things related to mouthguards in detail.

Features of Mouthguards

For a sportsperson, wearing a properly designed mouthguard is necessary for the protection of his or her teeth from probable injuries while playing. Players who are involved in a sport where there is a high risk of an injury to the face should wear a well-fitted mouthguard to safeguard their teeth. A protective mouthguard for a healthier mouth should have the following features.

  1. It should be tight-fitting, but comfortable.
  2. It must allow normal breathing and swallowing
  3. It should allow you to speak normally
  4. It should not cause gagging
  5. It should be tasteless and odorless
  6. Its thickness must be sufficient to protect top teeth from the impact of any stroke on the mouth.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three types of mouthguard for a healthier mouth.

  1. Custom-fitted- This type of mouthguards are designed by a dentist or dental technician in order to fit perfectly in the mouth of the person. When it comes to providing the protection, they are considered the best due to their close fit and comfort cushioning effect. They are the most expensive among the all types of mouthguards. However, the cost of the injury to teeth or jaw can be much more than this mouthguard for a healthier mouth. Custom-fitted mouthguards are highly recommended by the dentists.
  2. Boil and bite- This type of mouthguards are boiled in the water and when their lining becomes soft, the person bites on it to help it gain the shape of the mouth. You can be sure that these mouthguards adapt the bite of the person and hence they can be uncomfortable to wear. Another problem with them is that they are needed to be replaced every season.
  3. Stock- You can also call this type of mouthguards as ready to wear mouthguards as they come pre-formed. They are the least expensive among the all and the amount of protection offered by them is also the least. They do not fit properly, and you may feel uncomfortable wearing them.

How to Take Care of The Mouthguard for A Healthier Mouth

When you choose to use the mouthguard, you must take a proper care of it. Here are a few suggestions which will help you in this aspect.

  1. After every use, rinse the mouthguard in warm water and soap and allow it to dry.
  2. Disinfect it regularly using a mouthwash.
  3. When not in use, keep it in a plastic box with holes.
  4. Do not keep it in direct sunlight or in a closed car as heat can damage it.
  5. Before using a mouthguard, be sure that it is in good condition.
  6. Get it inspected by the dentist in every visit.
  7. If mouthguard is damaged, replace it immediately. For a child, replace the mouthguard every year, even if it is in a good condition. For adults, replace it after every tooth loss or treatment. Otherwise, it can be used for long.

Safety Tips for The Mouthguard for A Healthier Mouth

  1. Wear the mouthguard during games as well as during the training sessions.
  2. It is recommended to take the dental treatment and have a custom-fitted mouthguard designed by the dentist
  3. Visit the dentist immediately, if your mouthguard does not fit well or starts feeling uncomfortable.

Now, when you know these things related to mouthguards, you can surely use it in a better way.