Things to Know Before You Hire A Blocked StormWater Cleaning Expert

Things to Know Before You Hire A Blocked StormWater Cleaning Expert

Storms and continuous rains are natural calamities that bring in multiple challenges. One such challenge is blocked drains as a result of stormwater. The blocked drains in the vicinity of your home can lead to a variety of problems and they need to be tackled before the issue worsens. Let’s know more about hiring a blocked stormwater cleaning expert to get the issue resolved professionally.


Causes of a Clogged Drain:


There could be many different reasons that eventually result in clogged drains. We have listed out some of the major reasons most commonly encountered:


  • Damage Due to Age of Drain Pipes: As the drain pipes age with time, they are subject to damages. Cracks could develop on the surface of drain pipes as a result of age, natural ground shifts, stuck roots of uprooted trees or any other variable causes that may hamper the drains.


  • Clogging Caused by Things Disposed or Flushed: While not much can be done about clogging due to natural variables, there is another thing that must be considered. Clogging may result from disposal of feminine products and tissue paper into the drain. Unlike toilet papers that are designed to be flushed, tissue papers are thicker and difficult to degrade. They may form a clog in the long run and prevent proper flow through the drainage system.


A blocked stormwater cleaning expert may come to your place, identify the cause of your blocked drain, and resolve it with the right tools and techniques.


Ways to Identify Blocked Drains:


The first step in getting rid of blocked drains is to identify them. There are some ways for inexperienced people to identify drainage issues. Here we have listed some:


  • Vortex Drain
  • Gurgling Sound
  • Flushing System
  • Sludge


One may also rely on technical means to inspect a drain and find out if there is a blocked drain. This can be done using CCTV cameras. Digging needs to be done only if there is a sure blockage. This method helps in spotting the exact location so that cleaning can be done without much expense. A blocked stormwater cleaning expert will be able to identify and fix the issue with expertise.


Ways to Minimize Damage:


Some simple routine checks and steps can help to reduce the damage done to the drain pipes in the long run. Here we have listed out the simple steps you can take:


Regular Checks


Leaves, sticks and dirt can get stuck in the drainage systems and prevent proper water flow. To prevent such issues, a weekly check and removal of debris will help. Make sure you check all the drains in the vicinity of your home for such debris.


Installing Guards


  • Gutter guards can help prevent gathering of such sticks and debris in the gutters.
  • Stormwater grates should also be installed with guards to prevent debris and soil from entering the drain




All issues associated with drainage need to be tackled as early as possible. Some common methods for household repairs of clogging are as listed:


  • Use of a Drain Snake: This is an effective method to get rid of clogging that prevents proper flow of water.
  • Use of Water Jetter: High-pressure water jetter helps to tackle clogging at the very start.


Reasons to Hire Water Cleaning Experts


It is vital to hire a blocked stormwater cleaning expert at an early stage for the following reasons:


  • To get quick relief from blocked drains: When an expert is hired, he can not only help to get rid of clogged drains but also provide the best possible solution.
  • To be at peace: When you try to clear the drains yourself, you are still inexperienced and thus anxious about the right method to follow. Be at peace when you hire an expert.
  • To save time: Time is money and an expert ensures that the least time is spent in getting the repair done.
  • To save money: Since the experts use the most effective method to get rid of clogging and drainage issues, you get the work done by spending least money.


Blocked stormwater


Without doubt, proper preventive maintenance and repair work by the blocked stormwater cleaning expert can ensure greater life of your drain pipes, thus fewer repairs and replacements.